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Violent crackdown on protesters. Doctors linked to your position on Wednesday, Sade at least one hundred eight people have been killed so far by parliamentary unit in the capital to colleague, Catherine bureau hunger, is that so this morning, which is hearing a bit more traffic out on the streets for this is not what you'd expect to being in the middle of downtown Khartoum usually, has red lock when we're here just over a month ago at the height of the protests. The sit in that was outside the army headquarters, you'd hear people chanting celebrating as the one turn to demonstrate calling for civilian government. But now it's very quiet out on the streets are the RSS militia, and they usually young men sitting on the back of pickups and some. Of these actually mounted with rocket propelled grenades at the moment that security forces out in the streets, most people, choosing to stay home and listening to you on a program on the BBC yesterday. I had you talk about the bodies had been found in the river Nile what mode? We know about this everybody right now is really trying to get an assessment of the violence over the last few days was also making it quite hard to get a sense of the victims. But also, how killed is the fact that the internet is down so be able to share information as freely, but we know in form the sedan doctors committee, is that they say at least forty have been pulled out of the river. Now, they say this was information got from their doctors were able to see some of the victims, slowly information videos coming out regarding these incidents, but they haven't been verified. So people are still. Trying to corroborate this information. And from your reporting also says that there is a bit of a disconnect between Muhammad Hamadan and river is leading the military council. Is that clarity of vision, the, on the same page, as far as this violence is concerned as being meted out on the protesters taught men in the transition council behead journal Abdel Fattah Albarn talked about having a sense of forgiveness said that these clients shouldn't have happened cold front investigation, and also said he was willing to talk with your position. But then when general Hamid Hamdan, spoiled, he said, while it's not my men in the carrying out these crimes. He said his imposters dressed in the uniforms, driving that trucks may also said is that the staff could not tolerate any more chaos. And he said that the people out on the streets are not protesters. Cool them criminal gangs, and people, quite shocked. By these statements and taking him very seriously. Hunger in Hudson. That's the latest sports news now with Matthew Kenyon, Tunisia's Esperon, not African football champions anymore. The club have been told to hand back the trophy, and the medals and replay the second leg of their Champions League final with Casablanca following the chaotic end to the game last week, the mattress abandoned apparently because we had refuse to play on, once they discovered that the video assistant referees wasn't available to review the referee's decision to rule out there equalizing goal. But after an emergency kathak -secutive committee meeting, stretched over two days in Paris, accompanied by loud, and angry protests from fans of both clubs the governing body is decided that's not actually what happened. Instead, they have blamed the failure to complete the game on a failure of security implicitly by the host. The game is played in Tunisia. Espera have issued a mission statement, which said they were surprised by the move. And would appeal calf's decision with the relevant international bodies, and take all legal measures to preserve it rights, while the reaction has not been quite so calm, amongst Tunis in fans or politicians reporters? Hell chimera spoke to us from Tunisia this morning. There has been huge anger, and frustration amongst estrus fans. And I think one of the main reason for this frustration is as he said, that is stating. Improper security measures and the game people are expecting. We that to be sanctioned because they're fused to play. But all of a sudden now calf's questioning the security at the stadium. It got a lot of people involved upset, a lot of people's attention. Prime minister has personally tweeted that it is equal EFI Esco, and the people who are questioning today's secur security should assume responsibility. He has also praised as throws fans for their discipline and all the parties involved that, that manage to ensure that this game goes on very well. And he says that he the personally stand behind this Crohn's in defending the rights, that should help chimera. Well, there is ability is a member of the Catholic -secutive committee. He explained to the baby why he had backed this very controversial. Rooting for me as a person. The worst decision that I've ever made. But we have to do something, it became impossible to ignore everything that would any everything one wrong because they'll rules on how, how far you can stop Emaar every single brew was breaking. Okay. Even the abutment of the much. There's nothing Enrico to that Morocco abundant a much, much more reaction to come. Don't come stroke African football online, focus on Africa. And support today on your radio and television. We'll also tell you about the raptors edging ahead against the warriors in the NBA. It's two one in the final series and wash out at Roland Garros yesterday which means that the coach finals are going to be completed today. Matthew thank you. Matthew kenyon. Let's turn to Philip Hampshire now on the business desk can fit talks between the US and Mexico to ease immigration tensions along their border continue today and say. So far. They failed to reach an agreement with president Donald Trump's June the tenth deadline for the introduction of sanctions approaching tennis mall. Yes. Unless a deal can be reached between the two sunny today or tomorrow, five percent tariffs begin. No Mexican exports the United States on Monday. The Trump administration said those tests will rise month by month until they reach twenty five percent by October to give you an idea of just how big this is for Mexico. The US is the country's largest export market that can twenty seventeen Mexico sent three hundred seven billion dollars worth of goods and services to America now, compared three hundred seven billion dollars to the states, the second largest market, the Mexico is Canada at twenty two billion dollars. It's just seven percent as big. So I spoke to moderate Henry bond sues plenty of tense high-stakes discussions in his time and asked if there's anything the Mexicans can actually offer in these talks simply lead to the US asking them to do, even more is going to be nearly impossible for the Mexicans to. Satisfy the demands, I mean if you look at the push factors from Central America from Honduras, Guatemala, those countries that are going through economic turmoil that I strong look at the pull factor, the US economy is by all accounts, booming. If you want to stop the flow of people, and we're talking about a hundred and forty four thousand individuals being handed at the US border in may alone. You gotta find reasons for them to stay gonna feel comfortable. The good feel secure, and it doesn't look, as though there's any way at the moment credible way being suggested of making their lives, most cure more prosperous and more safe. What would you advise to the United States than some kind of aid package or economic development package for Central American countries to take away the pressure from south of the border? Well, if you look at what Europe is trying to do and the negotiations with African Union countries have been ongoing for quite some time. It's not just about stuffing people getting into boats is about giving them reasons to stay in their own countries. Whether it's a rare, Sudan, Gambia and Nigeria the contract export lots of people trying to get across the Mediterranean. But you don't see any fresh thinking in US Mexican relations. There are no projects whatsoever. It would appear that have been identified that the US could invest in or have Development Corporation with the Mexicans are on. So it's looking very bleak at the moment, having said that only two hours of meaningful talks have been undertaken those. So it's a bit premature to say things have collapsed. It's easier for politician in the United States needs specifically US President Donald Trump to send troops to the border or build the wall. It's something physical. It's there, but these gestures on. I mean it's very easy to say. I'm gonna build this walled member his campaign rallies. Twenty sixteen twenty seventy two eighteen and nothing has been built. There's nothing credible is just reconstituted fences. He's yeltsin. The accession and agreement of congress, both to impose these news tariffs and also to build this world across billions, he hasn't been able to do, but it's red meat to his base. And that's what they like even if he doesn't follow through. And if you consider just how much even just a five percent initial Levy will cost the agricultural sector. We're talking about one point four billion u s dollars a year. This is top of food, US imports of agricultural, and agri-food from Mexico and remember in the end, it's going to be the consumer who pays. Did that was Henry bone sue their dimension the last hour fear Chrysler no longer merging with Reynaud cars in front shares of now, open trading fit crosses actually recovered from lows of the day is currently down by one point seven percent was off by three and a half percent. Reynaud County Down by seven Philip. Thank you. Then MC centre left? Social democrat party has emerged as Rena Wednesday's general election with more than twenty six percent of the vote its leader medicine. Now looks likely to become the country's youngest ever prime minister of age forty one. Oxidant is a Finnish journalist and writer in Copenhagen, and has been following Dench, politics for the last fifteen years. Good to have you on a good morning. Good morning, the youngest prime minister, tell us about how would, you know? Well, see forty one like you said, but she has a very long career in politics. She was twenty three twenty four when it came to the parliament, last time, and she has held ministerial posts before and says the force fortunate ration- social democrat. So in that sense as not politically very young. What was it about her that attracted so many votes, actually, it wasn't her of the social Democrats that attract towards it was rally the coalition that is supported by this mid-size parties at traffic. For the sake of clarity. Just explained to us how those parties work or how government is formed in Denmark. Yes. The government is formed, so it's very difficult to understand in two partisan, but there's almost always accretion and this coalition, led by social democrat is called the red qualification. So there are to treat midsize parties that actually won't very big this election, and they have an hour, very big mandate also in the negotiations, but she will still be the prime minister very likely and people been saying that, you know, climate change will benefit from her time in office. But it's also going to be a time when they'll see an increase or tightening in policies on immigration. Well, she has been she has adopted more or less the same line in immigration, like many of the parties in monk. That was led by the Danish, People's Party, the right wing populist party that came into the power in two thousand one so she has more or less adopted the same same police immigration. And now it can be very difficult for her to follow that line because the parties that have won the election, actually, like double the like a Social Liberal Party. That doubled. It's support. They want to have more more liberal, immigration, and changes in the integration policy also. So the situation is interesting. They are calling eight now as historical election. Infant in ten markets. First time since two thousand and one that has been a serious backlash for the populist party. Very fascinating. Thank you very much for your time on oxygen and finished journalist in Copenhagen interesting. You get older. Policemen. And increasing the prime minister's looked like children. And if I find. Or maybe that's just me. We take you to California for our final story. It's an extraordinary story man, that has been freed from prison after serving twenty three years for joyriding conviction. Kenneth Oliver was given a life sentence for the seemingly minor crime under California's strict three strikes sentencing law. For repeat felons time, served included an eight year period in solitary confinement for possessing a banned book to sell a small spoke to Edward Johnson. They lead attorney with the firm Mayer Brown who is behind his release. Three strikes is a tough on crime. Sensing law that was passed back in nineteen ninety four under that law if you had two prior convictions, and then you get a third strike..

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