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Yeah. So that's where it's like, okay. His fans haven't been doing this. You know in recent years, either as we haven't seen his name, very high. And he hasn't even been a selection in a long time. But back to Wade, again, this is entertaining the fans and we've seen this happen before shack on end center, white Howard and one of his final seasons. Kobe. Bryant was liked by the fans because he always had insane number of oats for vans. But I think with Wade again, that's all you is the every year thing this is about okay. This is your final year. Let's honor you by selecting us. So that's not a huge surprise to me. Do you think the fans will because right now he has almost yes. Ninety thousand or eighty thousand more votes than Kemba Walker. I could see players saying, hey, you're finally year. We want to honor you players are big on that kind of stuff you Ramia. The media loves the way. Could you see it happening? You read my mind, Alex. I was gonna go there. And I think I think Wade is going to get in. I do think that he's going to get into the all star game. And I think I I'm looking at the numbers. I'm just like man like the crazy thing to me. Biggest surprise to me is that Victor Oladipo only has one hundred ninety eight thousand votes that is crazy. Like that's the big surprise to me like Victor Oladipo has of votes as Kyle Kuzina. Basically, you know, what I mean? Like, yeah. Dhamar rosen. I mean, you could make the argument for derozen. But I definitely think only depot I think you could make the case that only Bush should be a starter in the all-star game. I think that Kemba Walker, you know, obviously, only depot and and what the Pacers have done. This season is is dramatically better than what the Hornets have done but Campbell on an individual level has. Just been so good. I think it'll be interesting to see which one of those two guys ends up. I guess you know, getting into the game and or being a starter. But what when when I look at the Eastern Conference as a whole ads. I think DeWayne Wade gets in just because I'm not sure how many overachievers there are in the conference that are gonna knock guys out that have bigger and better star power. Right. I know what I mean. And that's what it usually boils down to like when guys like Kyle Korver getting the game, and Jeff Teague and those guys take spots away from you know, guys like Dwayne Wade or guys that may have been hurt. And it didn't have a great. It's usually because their team is winning you know on pace to win sixty five games in a regular season. Right. You know what? I mean. I just don't think that we really see that that much in the Eastern Conference. So I mean Jimmy Butler like is Jason Tatum gonna get into game. Like, you could make an argument that Jason Tatum deserves to be there. Yeah. You know what? I mean. He's. Right now in the front core. It's exactly yeah. You look at it there. It's kind of a perfect storm events for Wade because there aren't a ton of, you know, superstars that you consider a lock to get in..

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