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I have with that professor with the students that come in his his class. No question about it. I think you're you hit the nail right on the top of the head running that with that comment. Let's also talk about the scrutiny from the media back when you were a cow. Espn wasn't even on the air at that particular time. And now that you've got blogs and you got espn and Fox sports and all the other networks and everything. How is that factored into how tough the coaching job is today? For head coach. Well I think it's really made it much more difficult if you get if you get a colleague. Coaching job today compared to when I was a college coach. I think it's much more difficult because you're right we didn't have. Espn in those days and so consequently. They didn't know what I was doing at cal. I remember we went to that ballgame game back in New Jersey and And and sixty minutes came into this story in our academics Berkeley at the time and it was it was very skewed because they didn't understand and people never saw that show. Where we we're today. I think it would be right in front of the public all the time and I think that it makes your job that much more difficult question. Let's jump over to the national football when we talk about head coaching in the National Football League or even an assistant coach or being in a coaching organization with an NFL team. What are the dynamics that are involved there? That are different from the college level. You know what Ryan I I. I've put zero time into that sought. But I think it's probably the the amount of guys playing in the League. Coaching in the League. Right now have come into the league. Because they think that's the to be a colleague professional coach. 'cause it is we're professional. But I think the college coaches do much better job than sometimes then the professional coaches do. I've got a friend of mine who was a former head coach that won a super bowl championship and I asked him if he was going to get back into the game as a head coach again because he's in the broadcasting area right now and he smiled at me and he said you know Ron. He said they want young and they want cheap. And I'm neither one that's probably very true very true and I think I know you're talking about. I think that is very true. Yeah and the other thing too is that he said to me that this was a general managers league now referring to the National Football League is that indeed the case do you think do you think the decisions are being made mostly on rosters and by general managers. I I don't know I think it probably is is partially true because I think the money is what's really talks. It's it's become much more glamorous for much more money oriented than it was when I coach but i. I can't answer your question. I really don't know we got about a minute left here and when you think back on your career as a coach both at the NFL level and as a head coach in college football as well what. What's your favorite Memory Roger? Well I hit hit me with another question. I don't know around. Probably my my greatest memories. When I coach at Stanford Hundred John Ralston and winning the Rose Bowl two years. All when we we win that game. We'd beat Ohio State Michigan. That probably I just thinking about it on top of my head. I think that's probably the greatest deal I've ever had in coaching in all years coach and until everybody who was on that staff the assistant coaches under Austin. Well we had the Dick for meal. We had Mike White we had at Peasley. We had jacker Cincinnati because of the forty niners. We had Bob. Gamble was a great football coach and Max McCartney all guys run that staff that I coached on in in the Rose Bowl against Michigan Ohio State Stanford two years of general. Someone who rose bowls. I WanNa thank you Roger. It's good to connect again continued. Good Luck with coaching. Those quarterbacks you do a great job and I appreciate our friendship. Take Care Rodger. Thanks a lot Ron I appreciate it. Thanks Much Roger. Theater again called a quarterback guru by the article that I read a former head coach of the University of California now training almost two hundred athletes a year in the skill positions. We'll take a break here. Come back on the other side as we continue across the country and around the world. It's good to.

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