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Continues with one oh six one FM talk a warning amid fears of further coronavirus infections Richard styling reports North Carolina is in the need for more testing kits for the coronavirus governor Roy Cooper revealed Friday night that a second case has been confirmed in the state the latest patient is from Chatham county while the first confirmed case is in wake county Cooper said the state is down to around one hundred fifty testing kits secretary of north Carolina's health and Human Services department says they're collaborating with Duke University and U. N. C. to do testing this week I'm Richard selling president trump has tapped retiring congressman mark meadows to join his administration as chief of staff meadows has been a fierce defender of the president throughout his impeachment Buncombe county deputies are investigating a deadly shooting a man was shot to death at a home on Pender cove road and royal pines investigators found a vehicle of interest in the case but haven't announced any arrests yet a man who was shot and wounded by police last week in Fayetteville has died police say seventy five year old Gerry Tierney succumbed to his injuries Saturday Jenny was wounded last Wednesday after he fired several shots at police in front of his home and also refused to obey commands to lay down his weapon and surrendered the case is being investigated by the FBI college ball as the ACC tournament gets under way the heels take on Virginia Tech Tuesday Wake Forest place Pitt NC state gets the winner that won Wednesday dukes off till Thursday cam Newton is back on the practice field Newton posted a video to his Instagram that showed him throwing to receivers the Panthers indoor practice facility Saturday head coach Matt Rhule said he wants to keep Newton on the quarterback has also expressed his eagerness to stay for more news listen to the daily dive the big news stories explains not shouted listen to the daily dive each day on the I heart radio app or wherever you get your favorite podcasts I'm Kyle Wilson if you class start to.

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