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News. You will be taking. The local cops the messages are threatening. And they keep coming. I received several phone calls at least three from opposing to be working for the IRS saying that I had four charges against me. And then we're going to send the police to arrest me, Pat called tried to report the phone calls to the feds, but because of the government shutdown. Nobody took his complaint I knew what was the scam. But again, this this people out there that I don't know any better, and they're just being taken advantage of due to the shutdown during the shutdown. Federal regulators aren't accepting consumer complaints. And when you try to access the do not call list, which is supposed to shield consumers from legitimate telemarketers. We are unable to offer this website service at this time. But like if all the policemen leave your neighborhood, eventually the criminals are going to figure that out you're going to see more crime. So we haven't seen that yet. But we're worried that that's going to happen fairly soon. Alex Cooley is the CEO of you mail a robo-call blocker. He says scammers are taking advantage of the shutdown. We're seeing scammers reference the government shutdown as part of their scams. So for example, your IRS payment didn't get through because of the shutdown you need to do another one. So if you get a call from a number you don't recognize just don't answer if you do pick up the phone, and it's someone claiming to be from the IRS just hang up. Remember, the IRS will never call you. If you've got call caller ID, and you don't recognize the number don't pick it up. It's really that. Simple and Susan Campbell. Is right. The IRS they're not gonna call you. They're going to communicate with you by mail. All right. So just hang up.

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