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We'll beautiful stuff so we we had Northern California Votes Forty Five Thousand Nine hundred twenty five southern California sixty one thousand seven hundred and two. That's one hundred seven thousand twenty seven days. He could make my God. It's not what you envisioned in the sixties Bruce. No and we talked about this you know. Should we have veto power? We went over right. I no I say let but the fans have have spoken. And then that's what it'll be all good with that. We'll I guess we could wrap it up and just say that Good SF CHRONICLE DOT COM SLASH SPORTS LA TIMES DOT com slash sports and Tuesday may nineteenth will be zoom with eight Kappler Dave Roberts a announcing the starting lineups for game one of the best of seven appositely which will all the will be played on. May Twenty Six It's the I five series northern California versus southern California all-time team's GonNa be great stuff. Thanks everyone for boating and stay tuned for the next development of the I five series. Thanks for joining us on the PODCAST. And thank you all. Who spent the time to vote for the all-time Northern California and Southern California rosters follow the I five series on? May Twenty sixth and stay tuned for a follow up. Podcast recapping the series with some highlights presented by John Miller. The giants splash is a production of the San Francisco. Chronicle podcast producers our King Kaufman and Alan Johnson. The theme Song Batter Up was written and performed by Lauren. Gold and Ray East Lewis Support the splash and all of our great journalism by signing up for a chronicle membership at SAF chronicle dot com slash pod..

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