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We're going to finish the year with stock market up every single month and so sure enough the the funny bar this explains so much about society and the way news is consumed in repurpose d if you go read the responses to the tweet they're they're in like one of four categories it's either my democratic friends being like thanks obama you know you set the stage was amazing economic boom or its maga and someone saying you know trump zia's all because of trump and the third categories of course like the gold bugs who say something along the lines of you know it's the fed in its manipulated and it's all some sort of scheme and is just kind of funny because if you go back to my tweet from election night it might take with the politics has nothing to do with it ought to clarify your tweet didn't mention anything about presidents politics or what it was simply the market be short right and so to everyone just wants to construe it for whatever political sorta topic they they want but but the tweet when trump was elected as it look and i think i don't kim reports there before after election but said the person that wins the election is totally inconsequential however it is humorous to me that despite all of the sound and fury the past year and politics and everything else is news flow everyone could going kind of insane you had the smoothest stock morgan year in history.

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