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Number three fill in the blank whenever one is performing at any level TV film theater plays commercial stand-up whatever they are in pursuit of Authenticity authenticity love it love it says it all. Yeah. Yeah being genuine awesome and connection and connection. I'm going to Jeffrey I'm digging it man. It has been so great having you on the show. I really appreciate just sharing those experiences quite vividly vividly by birth very Vivid very colorful and and and and it really Drew an image to my mind's eye and I'm sure it did the same for the listeners of where you were what you were going through and and and just even when you were small younger, as you know, as a young young boy with your older sister, you know, you know just just doing portrayal through the music and in different songs and artists all of that man. Thank you so much for being on the show. It's been it's been great having you here man. Thank you. I'll brief for the opportunity. It's great faith. On and have me back and I'll cover all the things. I I took notes that I was going to be going to discuss about my rediscoveries. Okay, and then I'll do the same job. Well, hey that just that just calls for a sequel between you and I write songs natural. Yeah. I say let's make it happen awesome. And again for all the listeners we will have direct links to Jeffrey Weissman, to Jeffries IMDb to Jeffries fan page on Facebook as well as other social medium links check out his website check out his filmography check out just a different types of photos that you can have autographed by Jeffrey Weissman. Thanks again everyone. Thank you so much. And once again, ladies and gentlemen, as you know, we're all Roadies in this journey of life. It sure feels good. Have you on the journey? Yeah, stay safe. Stay healthy and compassionate. That's right. Stay healthy. Stay safe. Stay compassionate. Thanks again for listening to everyone with Jensen..

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