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Garrett Lewis on T AM seven hundred Tucson's. Most stimulating talk. And there are three things. I think you need to know number one. Steve kazaa, Jake, the Tucson city councilman says, you know, if we're forced to sell gun to we confiscate. The licensed gun dealers. I think we want to have these gun dealers fill out questionnaires saying we only want to sell to socially responsible ones ones that don't sell military style, weapons military style assault. What? Wait, wait what? Yep. We'll get into that at seven ten morning. Second thing. I think you need to know is that a a two Soden was beaten up because he was wearing a mega hat. On election night downtown Tucson, some meathead tried to steal it from him. They guy jumped on his ankle broke his ankle police arrested them we'll get into that as well. Third thing. I think you need to know is the Arizona GOP. I mean, they are playing hardball now Jonathan lines still the head of the Arizona Republican party said they are having an independent audit of the Maricopa County recorder's office because there could be some legal issues complaints. He opened up emergency emergency voting centres. They were needed. So they're going to have an audit. And it's going gonna take awhile. And by the time it all comes out. Nobody's going to remember her care. You're to change the Garrett yet, you understand this is you know, it's you being too rough on them. This is all they could do or they can just run a better freaking candidate. I could actually win. Instead of the establishment crap. Yeah. Sure. It says here in a press release the independent audit will analyze the recorders compliance with applicable state and federal. Review.

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