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If I never mind was is a woman's been stabbed at a home in Rancho Cucamonga it's not a random act San Bernadino county sheriff's sergeant Jeff Allison's as it happened around eight thirty this morning a male caller said that a female been stabbed when deputies arrived on scene they had located a forty nine year old female suffering from multiple stab wounds the woman died at the hospital neighbors say it was her father who stabbed her the news is brought to you by attorneys we James Bergen are a couple of people from Georgia have been charged in a phone scam in LA county investigators say the two pretended to be with the LA county sheriff's department and threatened arrest unless the person bought gift cards the suspects did a very thorough job of trying to hide their identity through spoof phone numbers I. P. addresses etcetera LA county sheriff's captain Pat Nelson says older people were the most common targets you should never take a phone call asking for money from a government office he says the scammers got at least sixteen thousand dollars worth of gift cards in downtown LA antrum only back KFI news business is trying to keep their sidewalks clear for customers of hit a bit of a road block the Los Angeles board of public works is approved changes to a policy requiring people to get permits to put planters railings and fences on city sidewalks the planters and other items have been installed to deter homeless people from sleeping in front of businesses but the board said today the installations of affected accessibility for people with disabilities can block bus stops and could also cause a safety hazard the permits run from five hundred fifty to eighteen hundred fifty dollars the policy has to be reviewed by the mayor's office city council LAPD and the city attorney's office before any changes are implemented Amy king KFI news..

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