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Hi this is tony tomato and onsite talk today. We have dan pain. The super soldier himself from stargate s one and dan also has the distinction of appearing on the pilot episode of rising as one of the first rates on stargate atlantis. Dan has an interesting new project. The television series taking a stab at more at comedy which is kind of a personal love of fish and you can catch him this coming summer in two thousand six at timeless destinations. We discussed his career the fans and his stargate experiences. Here's my conversation with dan. Pay obviously we. We have to get into the stargate thing for for your fans out there. But you're actually shooting a new series. I understand rock the last week or two weeks ago. Now he just finishing. The thirteen episode was an amazing experience. It's called halici sank. Yup and who do you play in the series Alison dad john macleod. Family and. i'm john macleod. John macleod greg. Now what can you tell us a little bit about what it's about. Basically the young girl fifteen year old girl. Alice who's been home schooled for ten years and then kind of chuck back inside society and left to fend for herself because her parents will be at full of love and free spirited if somewhat ineffective parenting and she's got her own style and dresses in her own unique way which makes her reentry into society that bit more difficult and she's got a younger brother whose genius who's a pretty much the glue in the family clear trials and tribulations and whatnot getting back into the swing of things at fifteen years old. Wow and you play the dad. Who's not an effective parent. Yeah no dad. i'm a. I'm a bit of a dreamer with a serious case of wonder and You know starts a million projects finishes zero and Yeah but You know want the kids who live free and and have fun now. This is all shot in vancouver. Yeah we shot it out online leona farm. Oh that's neat that's neat. Have you ever done that to kind of environment before or not with cows extras. I mean we. We had a farm right next up with twenty cows. Everyone we'd have to take over again because the cows are stepping on our lines. So that's so funny. That is great. You'd have to milk any of them. Did you may not. Even i might. I'm not sure that's great. So that was elosegui. First time on a farm. You've done that before. I grew up small town so this whole series of entity again the series of set in a small town so it was a bit of a ns tajik trip for me and this is a homecoming for you. In a way i go. Yeah let me work to a few issues. It was all shot there and you shoot like in the spring into summer into fall. Is that how you finished or shot. Yeah we shot September october november. Okay and when was it. Where is this going to enter dan so we can to look out for it. Yeah it's going to be on atv and the comedy network okay. They're talking about. They haven't confirmed anything but they're talking about a late january release for so cool. Cool very cool. That's very nice and it's it is a little different for you. You're not you're not playing warriors or jaffa or or stuff like that too. I think physically i. i'm sort of a built for action but my heart difficult to comedy so this is great blessing. Yeah it's an absolute blessing that somebody look look past a huge freakish frame and and ben throw you into. This is great. It's going to be fun and we're look forward to it. depressed me. how many episodes were already teaching shot. Thirteen in the can waiting to go. Great great great. And then. I guess it's just a matter of waiting to see if there's a season to knock on wood crossing fingers chasing rabbits down and all that stuff. Yeah yeah and the initial responses from some of the episodes. The money people have seen yet. Yeah in fact. They gave us a bit more money to do a couple of extra days to just Get all those little tidbits shots that were sort of. You know polishing effort shots for for that little extra factory. They said you know we really liked what we've got so far so more money do it right. Well that's nice spastic. Yeah fantastic input. That is really nice direct way. Yeah speaking of stargate the ultimate warrior. He knew prize secret weapon. You look at that costume. And he said that thing has got to be hot especially walking around vancouver shooting as he s she wanted is. It wasn't hot there. Were i think one of the early days we were. I was just one of the like exposing the super soldiers or the st one team right and had a job over a hill and it happened to be thirty six degrees out that day. Oh wow and that's a five millimeter Sort of wetsuit material with armor on top of it. And yeah i started seeing all kinds of crazy things in my hallucinogenic states was that you would with some of the explosions. Going on around here was at a stunt a stunt Soldier while the beauty of this thing was Dan shea and the rest of the crew. they're sort of. Let me do my stunts. They any opportunity. And i embrace it with open arms. So yeah that was that was getting blowing. Wow that's wild. So so how did he walk. Certain to avoid the damn thing so that you wouldn't get blown up in real life which which wasn't made easy by the fact that you can barely see the math man art meeting. That's for sure and i guess the obviously all the the laser shots that you shot out that was added later so you just had to kind of point towards a certain direction and then they would just do the explosions right on the set. Yeah nobody faith. I could make noises to there. You go now. There was a part where his super soldiers helmet was removed. The s. one was that also you that what me slammed behind. That green slimy transparent thing. Yeah that was actually pretty a pretty wild makeup even for as she wanted. Television was actually. We're kind of gruesome got a guy from l. a. And i i can't remember his name. He's an unbelievably magic Man making masks and creating that sort of gruesome but realistic craziness. I guess as far as aliens go. It was unbelievable and they they took a mold of my face so that it fit comfortably. That's good necessarily brilliant. But i guess. I guess it's like latex latex rubber so doesn't always smell very nice when we face now now i guess the sweat it also kind of factors into it too. A little bit definitely. Yeah that day. When i was running up and down the hills I had so much sweat. Pooled in my boots and was weeping of the themes of my boots which You know.

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