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A sick little boy in britain say they're heartbroken that he's gone alfie evans who would have turned to next month died last night at a hospital in liverpool his parents had tried desperately to transfer him to a vatican hospital but doctors were opposed and the courts agreed on doc days with life support against the wishes of the family family went to the high court on tuesday in manchester asking for that to be overturned in front to be able to go to italy a high court judge rejected that then he went to the court of appeal was rejected again in the family had to resign themselves to the fate of alfie staying at this hospital there had been hope that alfie could have gone home and the family could have spent the last few hours and days with it but in the end time simply run out sky news reporter nick martin a dallas police officer shot and killed in the line of duty will be laid to rest on tuesday officer row heliocentric sandra confronted a suspected shoplifter outside a home depot store this week another officer was hurt the suspect is charged with capital murder they agree to disagree president trump and fired fbi director james komi komi told fox bret baier that president trump is wrong to call him the leaker because a memo he shared with columbia law professor daniel richmond was not classified that memo was unclassified that it's still unclassified it's in my book the fbi cleared that book before it could be published president trump tweeted komi illegally leaked classified information saying he's very sick or very dumb in washington rachel sutherland fox news.

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