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Draper particularly kansas city doing a lot to fix their issues that we saw on center stage in the super bowl with the offensive line editions that they have made but Yeah it is rare rare in this day and age the nfl because it is a league built on parody and teams are doing what they can and you know. Injuries hit different teams in how they cope with. All of that is all you know. Kind of kind of different but At any rate interesting article there as the the bengals maybe are picked by. Cbs sports to be a little bit better than some other pundits. Pick them to be at at this point in time for this for this year and i guess it would be i. I had kind of nine wins as maybe a a point that the bengals could reach this year. I think a lot of things had to go right and they had mature fast and show progress. I guess i would feel more confident about that. Obviously if joe burrow was playing arrest of last year and you continue to see those steps maybe they won six games last year and then they made the editions they made but You know that's not reality that we're dealing with at this point. I want to go here. John and this is just a little bit of. We had a little mention of bengal jam here. So here's here's bengal jim on since jungle dot com. This is from our fearless leader over there. Jason markham and this is kind of some training camp dates. I believe and of course a big announcement that they made john and this kind of goes ties into a little bit. What we're talking about with the first story that we covered in the with the bengals again with the ring of honor and all of that but they are going. They announced that they are going to be inviting. Fans back to paul brown stadium for back together saturday on july thirty first Fans can watch the practice and there's family friendly activities inflatables face painting balloon artists pictures. Sure there's a Adult beverage and non adult beverage garden of some kind. They'll have all kinds of different things and the big thing about this. John is it just seems like a bit of normalcy after everything that we experienced all of last year into this year and It seems as if they are going to be pretty safe about this but Just kind of feels nice. That fans will be welcomed back. And what are they letting it upwards of five thousand. I think to this event. I think i read so pretty cool thing here and it sounds like a fun event. Yeah like a lot of my memories. Growing up involve watching bengals training camp especially in the old days when they were down in georgetown and they have those practices in georgetown stadium. So you always had a good view of the practices and they also had other practice. Feels that you can go around. But they've had this family day type event during normal years ever since moved back. Cincinnati for training camp. It's fun note your shade. If you're on the west side. During the day i always have a good view again of the practice field. Everything is on one field so you don't have to worry about going over to another field or looking in on the on the far side of the field like everything is pretty much in front of you so if you are considering going to train him for the first time or going back after your often kobe. I would definitely recommend this. I guess it should be noted that in years past you know they've had upwards of a dozen open practices to the public this year. It's only three including this type of the on july thirty first of all the other open practices are on saturday. August seventh and sunday august. Eighth which i believe. I don't know if. I think it's actually on the practice field so that those are on just the traditional practice fields where it has been for the past ten ten or so years but this seems like a lot of fun for people who want to get back into the swing of things they've you've never seen Of in person. Before so definitely south interested and i think i think the first preseason game as we sit here on wednesday july fourteen. I think we're just about a month out from the first preseason game are we not john. Yeah so Pretty pretty good stuff in a fun event in its you can go. I quit the link. In all of the live jets. They're bengals dot com slash camp. You can go check that out and sign up for your tickets. I have no idea how many are left available at this point in time but Go check that out and If you are so inclined and Should be a good time in a little bit of steps towards normalcy. and like you said they. They didn't open the floodgates completely. In terms of the amount of practices in events. The fans can attend but they had a limited number in this. This seems like a coup event so wanted to share that in terms of dates. If folks had not heard anything else you want to get to before. I let you Take the lead in just a second on the position review just real quick Pro football reference the site for nfl. Statistics apparently have been doing this for like a decade. They've been compiling research over from nineteen sixty to nineteen eighty-one of unofficial sack. Numbers now the nfl did not recognize quarterback sacks statistic until the nineteen eighty two season. Obviously there are plenty of hall of fame pass rushers who played in the sixties and seventies and they obviously registered their quarterbacks during those time periods and that information has always been very tough to find. You had to go to like you know wherever they did compile stuff. It took a long time but this week they posted these unofficial sag numbers on their website. And we got a lot of clarity on just how productive some of these former bengals players in the seventies were. I know that eddie edwards is recognized as the official team leader on bengals dot com terms of sacks of eighty three and a half on pro football reference dot com edwards is credited with eighty four and a half sacks from nineteen seventy seven to nineteen eighty eight..

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