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I'm Adam Levine welcome towards matter. This week we begin a new series. Presidential words matter. Since we currently have a president who doesn't seem to know or even understand the importance of words especially when they're spoken by the president of the United States. We thought it might be helpful in a time of national crisis to remember that we have had presidents of both parties. Who did understand this? These presidents have led our country through difficult times with power and eloquence of their words. So this week we wanted to highlight President Franklin D Roosevelt, who in nineteen, thirty six during the Great Depression and as the clouds of war gathered over, Europe delivered one of the most important political speeches ever given by a sitting president. The. Occasion was the Democratic National Convention held that year in Philadelphia. For years earlier in nineteen, thirty to FDR had made history by flying to Chicago and becoming the first presidential candidate to accept his party's nomination in person. In an earlier episode of words matter, we discussed this important speech with professor. Harvey Kaye who has just published a new book entitled FDR on Democracy. In his nineteen thirty six acceptance speech Roosevelt used the language of the founders and decried economic royalists who were trying to fight back against the progress of the new deal because it threatened their power. As you listen to his words. Pay Particular attention to the part where Roosevelt tells his audience, they have a rendezvous with destiny. With that? Here's President Franklin D Roosevelt, delivering his acceptance speech in one, thousand, nine, hundred, thirty six democratic convention..

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