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Readers with a second down and seven coming up to the line ninety big trip Rabbah son get hurt earlier came back and tried to give the go he's gone the locker room right now for the raiders you will get a gun on second in seven from the line nineteen car back walking with him to get out of their cars going to float away into please thirty thirty seven Gerry Davis came back time on the floor so the raiders left the reload lies with another opportunity to make a play here look at a thirty seven now that the ground is all you got Dave's sharp with another Florida Gators now not that he got a little consumes to put pressure on Derrick call nice job the person who edits on third down so far today this is thirty seven from the line nineteen we got a flag it's gonna be against the raiders well start offense number sixty five yard penalty third down the hill to get Sarah Williams who's been hot will open this year's only played five games but each of the five games he scored a touchdown music big play god called the penalty there that would leave them looking at eight thirty and twelve now line twenty four out of the huddle into the line car's gonna work out of the gun looking out over that line defense line so for men across that one back to pass one one thirty twelve dollars there's the flag Gerry Davis this looks like it could be an automatic first down there's a discussion among the officials down there where it was role would be to be a whole or pass interference number forty that is the killer he was seventy our side the first is that right yeah to where you want the world which was in the middle of the hello we have a free will I thank Gerry just have it don't matter so the first down to the raiders out of the penalty now at the line in nineteen the Senate is Jacob Jacob takes down to the seventeen yard line there by snacks that was a nice job on a cruise ship Jones who stand up routine legal they're taught me they'll pull the while the drop the bigger bother the person Jones did a nice job of seven number Jacobs ten carries fifty two yards so far also want to touch them seven seven game here second quarter readers second down eight from alliance seventy John Jacobs who is right car takes the snap point well back will look good now closed it is caught at the fourteen yard line by the Jones what's that about the media the by no open and that is going to bring up a third down now and about five the line I would talk about his progression how much will the rooms would be on the coast the selected and these orders nice job with the hit supershow with all the person taking the side of the father of what's on their home the father would you please it is third and five from the line fourteen lines really stack in that line this call was in on the gun just the way that who is that the bond in order that would have been a loss back outside the thirty five yard line and probably would not about a field goal range he did the smart thing knowing that he was out of the tackle box who just moved in the greater bench is that big loss now the raiders the center field wall unit out play by ear cartoon because he did he was able to get back there and did all that fall scrambled off to where you could order out of bounds vice absolute way but there is a thirty two yard field goal hash marks left side Daniel Carlson try to give the raiders the lead back there's not a good way it is up and it is good it is now the raiders and alliance seven here the second quarter with thirteen thirty one to go this is one area Woodstock ten fifty W. T. K. a ticket this is Keith from Louis jewelers the only jeweler.

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