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That right price I wonder do we have time for that what time is it what time is it haven't you been paying attention it's thank you good you describe your character and waiting for government well I think I'm a guy who has no self realization he doesn't realize how overbearing he is I'm married to Catherine o'hara we are travel agents in the small town of Blaine we're very good travel agents even though we've never been outside of Blaine Missouri and we've also been in some of the earlier amateur productions here in this town for instance the musical version of backdraft we are called in to audition for it and we go in sort of being used by the whole thing because we know it's really just a formality that he's making us go through the right out there because we we know that the we are going to be the stars of the show is is that we have been with the other shows and so we try to put on that false humility and the I say that in a nutshell is are my care my character and I I don't realize how overbearing I am and I I enjoy doing it because I get I guess there's also a little bit of that in me I think if I were they just drop that little you know open a little door in your brain this is don't do that or don't say that all this might come out it strikes me you've really made a career out of playing really square people yes I have I've you know I I I was born and raised in Cleveland Ohio I I went to a military prep school I also went to attended and graduated from Virginia military institute so I can kind of relate to that that mentality that the very conservative square mentality which always amused me in what you do when something amuses let you like that you try to mimic it and dress yourself in in that and in it and do it on time in a performance and it's always interested me so I I. tender I grab one of those characters very very easily I was in spinal tap I have once seen that a lot of people seem to remember I was I played the sergeant who welcomes the the hard rock group spinal tap to the airforce base and people to boy you just grab that that character because I can relate to what I understand I've lived with those people I understand their mentality and I've always enjoyed doing it as a result a lot of people think I am very square I was in the I was in a comedy group called the ace trucking company and we have some very colorful characters and I now usually played the anchor guy I was always the boss I was always the the guy who is trying to keep discipline and we were in the dress room one night about a Friday night and one of the guys in the other group started talking and he says you know it's taken all week for me to talk to you I didn't think I would like you because of what I see on stage and it upset me very much that the G. that's what people are thinking of me what are we actually hear the scene from spinal.

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