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Looming lawsuit, lawsuit. We'll get to that, so he went to Japan. Dougherty. and. As soon as he got there. The promoter there because they had a relationship. With wwe because they're totally. Keith was wrestling for wwe part-time. And a nearly told Dr d to slap recorder. Make it look like, but it's going to be at work. Right! You know. Everyone did on A. Fortunately at unfortunately. That was AMMO. For Twenty twenties coverage about this, so that didn't help either. So by the time Dr d got back. The lawsuit that was looming was only four. To wwe WWF. which I don't blame him I mean wouldn't go at kind of like When you you know, get into like a Tyson it. The perfect sometime, most I'm used to be insurance. Know saying so like this happened on WWe grounds. I don't WanNa. Go after him. I want to go after the grounds that I was on I mean if you try to get your money, best way to. Go after. The head instead of defeat. Exactly but I just feel like that condition new better for almost I would've called bands like hey, they want me to do this crazy spot. You know I'm feeling. You know what I mean like I probably would have. I probably would have said something like that. I don't. I don't see why he wouldn't have. Isn't that no hold that you say that because he met with Mr McMahon. pity Mac. What did? Dr The to side of four. That emits that it was his idea dr idea to. Actually that he did and also to slap John Still. Saying that part I agreed John I mean he I wouldn't have signed that paper. I'm talking about in Japan before slapping Japan. I thought he should have called band. Hey, they want me to do the same thing I did over there. I've been I probably have to call them. That that time visibly. Yeah! That's good she. You. Know the right. At least he got a chance to you know. Get that possibly on. Recording and you know what I mean, but I don't think they did that much back. Then Haiti's unfortunately. You depressed but ultimately I think in this situation. DACA DAF was doomed. Because you know once you lose. I guess they w backing with I. DON'T BLAME HIM for not sign that paper because I wouldn't have signed that either. But I think Vince. Outside the protect himself. Maybe he thought if. Dr D would have signed the paper that they would have. Not even fully was a lawsuit because they knew that acted. The wouldn't have had the money that they were busting. Asks Possibility. Maybe that's why he went, but he didn't explain it properly. Just made to come across live. Hey, like you know or this would have backfired. Even further enacted, the would have been arrested for. Assault Which? Surprised he wasn't. You know what I mean like. What is this thing because they were saying that he was? You know that police are coming up events like hey, where's wrestler look? Those, that been been jet though. That was different because it made it look like that he was like. Meeting people. On child abuse. Of. The Fan man another man eighties. Whatever but The woman threatening you know his wife GonNa go like that's that's. I mean really. Sorry that guy he fighting nobody? Even, read up, I invite. Wouldn't you so? You know eventually. I feel like this whole thing. It didn't blow over, but it like. More kind of like Hey I'm not saying that paper you. I'm going to go back to work way. You're doing what? You haven't Wrestlemania I'm not in it. On Yup athletic got worse because of. Essentially which is try to look for reason to fire him I did. You just like screw just fired me, so they fired him at then arrested him the same night because address it that he took a swig. T which I don't believe. Right? Yeah organ. Really We're getting to Mr Belay Yeah. Yeah we are. League before we hit there, felt like. Kinda got the new Jack. Treatment, he didn't get to do jack he got the new. Jack Shooting for new treatment was the thing yeah, like our defined? Wow like. I mean it was crazy to see it. I, mean obviously they. They had a little visual representation of what happened. You know to get. To get up with your by your hands and feet, and didn't have to shotguns Ronnie. That's crazy. Which of course that made without of happen reverend. Could have been an embarrassment but If it did. That's wild, but continue with. Pre Hollywood Hogan this guy. We talked about the assault that happened with Dr the junk docile. Hogan with onto a late night show. And, legitimately Choked. The whole stout knocked them out. Richard Bills are. Richard there in Alabama. Oh, you're going to. Let them go Nokia. Don't you saw whole body up and he was done. But he says Ed you know in the clip he was I'm Gonna I'm GonNa put you on a quick hold. Hold and you know. I'M GONNA. Let you tell me when we're in the. Let it go I think he's talking to Mr. T. if I'm not mistaken. Nearly total mound and he gave an explanation. He's Loudwar. Sahira child make what I do as a joke like uptick offense to that. Which Walken Why couldn't be like that productively? Because there's a huge difference between just being a wrestler Embiid Dick Doc. That's where I would be I think I was I, would have been upset. At, that point, it's too late I. Mean it's already over you know you. You already moved on. You're doing independent shows on US so forth. But that the devil? I guess that's a double entendre. You know. That's where you would say how apropos. But ultimately Richard. Belcher didn't.

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