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Just because you can treat someone poorly doesn't mean you should you know we see we've seen that time and time again when disasters strike right you see bottled water for twenty five dollars a case in or gas prices at six dollars a gallon why because we can get it well that's not a good reason to do it it's not the amount of taurean thing to do it's not the proper thing to do and in a long run it won't serve you will speaking of that did you see rex ryan's speaking of classy rex ryan talking about how he got them the two afc championship games with a average to below average quarterback and i still got us to the championship games let me where is the percentage in that where's the upside in throwing a guy under the bus to make yourself look better what are we and third grade i mean i i just i just never like rex ryan as a head coach when he was here in new york i always thought you know a lot of guys can be funny and be friendly with the players and all that stuff a lot of guys can do that why is rex ryan the only one in a wh why is he the only funny guy in the league why's he the only showman why's he why does he do it this way and no one else do it this way and i came to the conclusion because it doesn't work not because they couldn't do it that way not because they have no personality themselves but because it doesn't work it's about him it's drawing the attention to him and not the players and here's a guy who's supposed to be known as players coach and he takes mark sanchez and throws them onto the bus just so he can remind people that he went to to afc championship games but he can't do it would just saying you know i went to to afc championship game worked out pretty well obviously i did pretty well then he has to throws and i did it with an average to below average quarterback well that guy has a name and you just throw him under the bus but he did it because that insecurity the fact that he's not a coach anymore and that no one wants him to be bothers him.

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