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Because the blood of small children is a tremendous nutrient and vitality immediate infusion and then you can imagine that they have various vaccinations they can take i mean they live so differently from how we live i it's no wonder that david eick talks about different species and i mean it's no wonder do some people sometimes accuse you've just being out there too far well i'm on your show yeah of course but i have to consider a lot of things in from the evidence i mean i'm very evidence bound i don't leave the conclusions i kind of follow the trail and see where the breadcrumbs lead and even if they lead outrageous places i have to consider it absolutely okay next up let's go to sue in rock hill south carolina east of the rockies hi sue go ahead hello i'm happy reach you glad you got through go ahead i have more gallons it's about two and a half years i'm just so frustrated the last doctor i went to the doctor laugh at me or make fun of me keep blurting out of hatchery what do you think something to make so they'll say terrible things especially if you're seeing your and the last doctor started to come close and saw these things coming out do the skin and backed up to muni even come close to me yeah and and ordered an antidepressant oh my gosh he told he lied to me he told me was for the staff and made me so sick when i found out what it was i stopped it right away but it made me awful sick i mean i can't find a trust no no i i don't think there is a doctor i i don't know of any some are coming around we have a doctor up here in the north west his name is dr dietrich cling heart he's a german doctor he has a practice in seattle and he has the practice in in berlin he is definitely looking at lime and he has definitely said to me that he would like to meet with me in order to understand more gallons better but this is moving at a snail's pace and so that's why people on the internet you know and of course the internet is filled with radiation right and the and the definit definitely have reactions to that if you have more gallons but people are looking at ways to heal themselves and one thing that comes to mind that gives great relief and i'll tell you is to take a bath in epsom salt sea salt and borax just the kind that you use for laundry detergent these three ingredients give great relief.

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