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The script that he was reading from on social media as soon as we possibly can I can't think of a time not in Fergus in not in the Rodney king riots of the early nineteen nineties at no point in this country's history not in the race riots of the nineteen sixties have we ever seen a war like this but I can't shake one thought ladies and gentlemen because as one liberal bumper sticker slogan arises in this case de funding the police dismantle the police another liberal bumper sticker slogan is systematically contradict it whatever happened to the anti second amendment slogan only the cops need guns think anyone really believes that anymore any true believer committed leftist and yes we do have sound bites from Minneapolis common council president Lisa Bender who is saying look it's a privilege you are privileged if your house gets broken into she she obviously said that this morning on CNN we got Minnesota's Attorney General Keith Ellison we've got Minnesota congresswoman he'll auto mark all saying yes we want to de fund to the police Ellison did a great job dancing around the question on M. S. N. B. C. yesterday but this is become mainstream thought I was talking to my friend and colleague before the show J. Weber and we were discussing how this is the most radical left wing proposal that either of us have ever heard of in all of our years of covering the news and we have seen some crazy radical stuff in J. said this was the sort of thing that you would hear the dumb kids safe from the back of the lecture hall when police issues or race issues were discussed dark how about if we just get rid of the police and everyone would laugh because it wasn't a serious proposal will suddenly it is and quite possibly the most amazing thing to have happened over the weekend with the fact that Minnesota or excuse me Minneapolis is left wing mayor Jacob fry the Justin Trudeau clone showed up at a black lives matter rally but because he didn't want to de fund his police department because he didn't want to abolish the Minneapolis police department he was booed off of stage he was heckled into leaving the rally and he did he walked out in shame he looked like a child who had just been scolded by the teacher hang dog expression on his face walking slowly through a crowd of protesters yelling shame shame shame shame what's shameful is the fact that we're talking in this country about how we cannot possibly judge an entire class or group of people based on their belonging to a particular demographic group I II someone who is a black person someone who is a Hispanic person someone who is a white person yet the exact same people preaching tolerance preaching most people are good and I do truly believe that remember folks I am the king of recidivism statistics there is not a crime problem in this country save for about five to eight percent of the population who are committing almost all of the crimes now I'm also the king of proving every single thing that I have to say on this program conservative thought not just talk isn't just a slogan like de funded the police because nobody can actually tell me how this would work the only way you can possibly do you fund the police or dismantle the police department is with negotiations from the police union what do you think the likelihood is that the Minneapolis police union is going to allow every single one of its members to be out of a job zero less than zero we can talk about police union reform we can talk about the end or the the the the change to the doctrine of qualified immunity where an individual police officers law enforcement officers or any government employee enjoys a certain amount of protection immunity from lawsuits or any sort of legal consequences through the civil justice system if they're acting under the color of law if they're acting in their official capacity I am totally supportive of the idea of reforming police union contracts across the country and I'm totally supportive of the idea of re visiting just what the doctor in a qualified immunity means and showed me these are the reasonable steps that reasonable people would suggest on reasonable stupid people suggest abolishing the police department without a single clue as to what would replace them rapid response social workers what does happen if your house is being broken into what does happen if you've just been shocked do we train social workers and how to solve crimes or is the point the crimes don't get solved because ladies and gentlemen sadly this is the culmination of years if not decades of a systematic war on the rule of law and the justice system waged by an increasingly radical an increasingly mainstream left wing of the Democratic Party it started with the war on judges a war on sentencing a war on prisons a war on the idea that if you do the crime you should do the time it continued with the war on prosecutors prosecutors should not recommend any prison time they should not accept any or propose any plea deals that include a single day in jail for violent behavior first socially deviant behaviour what's that what that is resulted in is tragically ironically a systematically worse environment for black neighborhoods which are disproportionately victimized by criminals remember the same five to eight percent who commit every single one of the crimes they commit them over and over and over this element is been emboldened by the idea that no matter what they do they're not going to go to prison no matter what they do they're going to stay out on the streets will get a slap on the wrist and then maybe a slightly harder slap on the wrist and a warning that if they come into the third strike they're not output might get a slightly harder slap on the wrist all of this behavior has all but been legitimized by a justice system in the court room and in the DA's offices that are working together with the same socially deviant people to ensure that there are consequences for socially deviant behavior and the victims in all of this and the tragic absolutely maddening irony of all this is that the victims all of this ridiculous mentality are disproportionately the same black people who we have been saying over and over.

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