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Break. One of the bills passed over the weekend, calls for an increase to the states. Gas tax Bill. Supporters say the added revenue would go to pay for improvements to the roadways Representative and Williams democrat of Chicago says they also approved other taxes. The higher fees is a can't untuckit garages, and as someone that lives in Chicago, I was not thrilled about this and pushed back a bit. But at the end of the day, we are waiting parking a lot and she. Says they plan to use that added revenue to carry out repairs on state buildings including state university's Representative Williams was a guest on WGN. The Brian Noonan show. Jury selection begins later this morning in the case of a missing university of Illinois student, WGN, Roger badesch, ganging, Zhang was running late for an appointment on June ninth thousand seventeen when she disappeared. Prosecutors claim she was offered ride by Brent christianson, who they say, then murdered the college student prosecutors say evidence, they'll present includes traces of a body in the bathroom of Christian sins residents found by Cadaver-sniffing dog shanks parents have come in from China for the trial, that's being held in Peoria, Roger badesch, WGN news. Prosecutors in Lake County, Indiana have filed felony charges against two men and last week's vandalism at a church in Hammond Twenty-three-year-old, Aaron Venison's, and twenty two year old nNcholas reading phase one county a burglary and institutional criminal mischief, they're accused of causing heavy damage at faith. United church of Christ one hundred. Seventy fifth street. Wednesday Sunday was the fifth annual orange day peace party, it celebrated in honor of the appenafren, she was fifteen when she was killed by gang crossfire in twenty thirteen happened at harsh park, not far from then President Obama's home in Chicago's Kenwood neighborhood, Pendleton, had just returned to Chicago after performing it Obama's second inauguration in Washington. Those taking part where orange in the day's festivities. That's the color penalties. Friends war after her death. It's since been adopted nationwide to promote.

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