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Read off names that we know please fair enough. You'll know sprawling arrested these Number two Marty mcsorley no all. Yeah Yep he's a guy that hit the bruins guy hit somebody over the head with a back of the head with his stick. Yeah it's a great recipe for right. Yeah Dennis Rodman number three and even dirtiest player in the NBA. Apparently you want to kick the sideline cameraman another time. He headbutted an official. Yeah they deserved all right Number Four Steve with new ski offensive. Lineman Right Raiders Oakland. I'm from that guy. He's gotTa created Google. He did know it's so weird. There's one year. No Yeah you was Naski. Whatever the guy's name is before he started Apple Like a pretty big football player for ways. The offense of Lyman the quotas whizzes pry the dirtiest offensive player of all time said a teammate. One opponent offered this critique chops from behind. He'll shoot knees. I'll take sides with any alignment but this motherfucker had me cursing and swearing on TV. Couldn't believe the shots he took. No it's true. And like he said thirty player that he got booted from the League or no one would sign them and then he started apple the Monster. Right for Monsters Inc. Well if you did do the voice over written replaced by John Goodman..

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