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Blow your mind. My name is robert. Lamb and i'm joe mccormack boy. We gotta treat you today. We are joined uh-huh by our friend and our former producer on this very show. Alex williams say hi alex reformed producer. What's going on man. Oh you know just hanging out with what's up with you. Well you know we're we're just having a bonus episode in your honor. What's going on here jeeze. Thanks right before we get going. We were sitting around talking about riddick movies for how long i don't know it was a while i was mostly listening because i hadn't seen the movie in question or any of the riddick movies. No you're here prefer reason today alex t tell us about it. Oh <hes> <hes> because i have a podcast called ephemeral. Yes really good folks. Yes it is <hes>. It's a very exciting podcast because it's it's really unlike any podcast i've listened to before <hes> in terms of its subject matter but also in terms of the high. I production qualities that you bring to it. Thank you you you guys. Did it very nice when you you did the trailer. You've put the trailer out in your feed. <hes> i think when it first came out and did it very nice nice endorsement then to <hes> about the audio quality which i thought was very sweet. Thank you yeah yeah. I mean the quality is wonderful but it'd been more but more important though is is is the topic of dealing with these ephemeral bits of media. Can you just <hes> you know speak to everybody who might not be familiar with the show. I haven't checked it out or maybe they didn't catch the the trailer drop. What are we talking about. When we're talking about ephemera the way that <hes> sarah wasserman is the material culture studies the professor material culture studies at the university of delaware the way that she sort of differentiates what ephemera from other kinds of disposable things junk trash is that ephemera takes some kind of curation. Someone has to do some active saving for for it to <hes> to continue to exist something like winnebago manage familiar with winnebago man. I i listen to your episode where you deal with winnebago goeman yeah. He's the guy who is there outtakes of him trying to record a t._v. commercial for winnebago's right. Is it a dealership or a new model or something. I think it's a dealership the ship it's like the eighties v._h._s. The guy's name is jack ravni and he's just getting so frustrated on this day. She was complaining about hot. It is and he's just swearing continuously. Just have this s then everything and <hes>. I guess you really pissed off the crew because they got together this video you of him. All of the worst moments i guess in this sort of a compilation this way twenty years before twenty plus plus twenty six years before youtube and this compilation video survived all this time. You know this would just get oh you. You might like this thing. It's like debit for you on v._h._s. Robert my legacy for him on v._h._s. even aired on public television. Is this show called because is it bleeped <hes>. I don't know i haven't been able to find the copy of it that aired. I mean maybe that's the version that we have on youtube now. There's a show called the show with no oh name out of in.

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