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Uh linda cut you who was out with us is writing an article o b the feature article in martian by use our next issue so make sure you pick up a copy of martian by you magazine also we've got news from alabama fishermen i was talking about triggerfish looks like that's the next federally mismanaged fish are they've had some deepsea fishing rodeos over there in a great triggerfish were starting to show up like the red snapper can't basically stay away from a missed so many of them out there and of course those season has been closed across the gulf of the fed say that it's over fish and we've got to let the populations rebound but are they've had to throw back numerous triggerfish before they even hooked the red snapper which a plentiful too so story goes on and on about mismanagement of offshore species of fortunately many of our louisiana legislate tours in some of their cohorts are working very hard to wrest away from federal management the management of offshore species and given on a state and regional basis i think were getting closer and closer to that it has not been an easy task but as been some other organizations the theodore roosevelt conservation alliance uh partnership and we've had the coastal conservation association many other organisations the american sport fishing association all in support of this and i think it's eventually gonna come about in believe it is certainly long long overdue all coming back after this will check in with captain mike gallo he operates angling adventures of louisiana officials the biloxi marsh lake pontchartrain lake born lake catherine a we call him have vote will travel he's up next on the outdoors with don dubuc radio net away what a great blaze the raise your bones and matti fine boss he had been stone view brave the name said in.

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