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Those renters those tenants appar cats. The rent is taking care of forty three zero. Troy good who saw the studio as they solution to a pressing problem, folks. What to do this daughter's beloved cats, which he could not abandon? But also couldn't house in his new -partment conundrum. What to do? Here's what you do you. It's a situation where mickan only come about in Silicon Valley. I don't know where rents are Esther nominal in residence treat their pets like children. So the do goes out. Fan fifteen hundred dollars a month. For a studio apartment for the damn cats. Somebody's got too much money. They're smoking a good stuff. I don't know. What's going? Cats. Remember last week when I was bitching moaning about the social media mob mentality condemning Chicago Bears kicker Cody parkey for missing a game winning field. Go and the playoff game versus the bears of the eagles at home, by the way, how ever young master Cody parkey, Ken, let good enough alone. Or well enough alone park is drawn the ire of his coach Matt Nagy and some team mates after appearing as the victim. Sympathetic figure on NBC's today show last week to address the missed field goal. Coach Nagy who should not be balled and wearing a visor in my opinion said that he was not happy because he saw the TV spot as a knee move and the team plays. A we mowed. Lots of play on words that Cody leave it alone walkaway wash your hands before your turn into work. Because if not you'd be one of the mini kickers looking for work between now and September of this fall. I thought this is a a me model long. Adam gays the New York Giants head football coach. What the hell's up with his eyes? He looked like he had Marnie FIS, Don Knotts is big O bulgy eyes. I don't maybe play or special effect fairly not. But he really looked into this latte and little nervous at the press conference in the bright lights, go New York City. I know the jets fans are desperate for winter. Hopefully, they'll get one, but man ally this dude is he's creepy. Creepy is. That'd be a lot of ice owns with his deal. Private is watching you. Holum whole notes, you know. But the winner the fit can goofy ward, I don't even how this award out because it's like it was just a damn to silliest thing. I've seen. Part of it. I got a chuckle out of. Part of it. I wish have been placed in another point in the show. But when Otis those of it. To Paul Heyman. And they literally miss bliss. I didn't know where it was going. I saw guess tell myself well chill JR be patient, though, show yours going, no big deal. But they never did. It may have been the worst elevated segment I seen the great Paul Heyman ever in. Sure, there's been others. We all have to forget, our our stumbles. But man, right. A middle talking about Brock listener and fim valor for the main event at the Royal rumble. And we we take a detour and Otis comes out there and talking gibberish. I never understood what he was there. Who is he what are you doing? Just a very uncomfortable interruption. And maybe if it was designed to be only that then guess what the writers hit a home run. I just didn't get it. So, but I'm anxious to see. How much character development go Otis can get. But in the meantime, Otis use are are the winner this week's coveted tit coup goofy award. Lousy son of. Show today. Glad you're.

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