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At this point which i think would have helped for some like ours because it was that important to us but again i think if you're shipping and internal business applications suddenly when people using it from their houses It's actually valuable to be running internal business stuff close to two years as well. So we're we're other basic philosophies is like. Aws and modern clouds are incredibly complicated. And it's not necessary like you could end is right you kinda ship all these features i mean we have. We have two brands working with us. You're one of them a good friend of ours as a moslem with what he is doing around micro just simply combating the complexity of it'd be less but the good thing for amazon and a bad thing for them because eventually you both will win or you know one of you will win. Hopefully both in terms of like pulling some that market share away because of the complexity. I long long term. Like if we do what we want. I think we'll become an interesting public cloud option. We don't have to hire people to run your kubrick eddie's cluster. Use it as like most of these things will just work for people who are writing the software right. i think that's probably a great simplification. I think we've gotten this world. We have where people build their crud based startup credit in the sense of create read update. Delete like just form based startup and in higher kuban person to build a kuban eddie's cluster for them just seems really bonkers to me. It's an app database. It's like the same exact architecture that every other avenue database uses anyway. But like cooper netease makes a ton of sense. And there's not a lot of great tooling like hiroko. Always very expensive and the programs parents didn't exist on cheaper alternatives. For long time coming up. Kurt shares the sweet spot for fly full stack and back in applications his experience with fundraising and barbecue..

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