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A dean made clear. He was eager to make his reports to congress and returned to france and continue his diplomatic work. Congress however was in no hurry. Dean sat in philadelphia for over a month waiting for an audience with congress. If i received orders to appear several times in mid august then again nothing finally on september eighth dean wrote that he was growing impatient and then if congress did not want to hear from him further he would like to return to france ten days later. A congressional committee reported that arthur. Lee and ralph izard had accused of financial mismanagement and misappropriation of public money. It began calling witnesses to testify to these charges but it did not call dean shortly after that connecticut delegate titus hosmer who had been in congress for only a few months and who was returning home inform dean that he overheard other delegates who said they sought to destroy dean since they had no evidence they did not want to bring specific charges against him instead they would simply drag out the matter and allow the cloud of accusation to hang over. Dean's head for as long as possible again. Dean wrote to congress asking for the charges against him and to see the letters of his accusers so that he could respond. He said that after spending more than three months in philadelphia needed to get back to france to manage his financial affairs there. They never did get to see the letters accusing him anything but he did learn about some of the accusations. Secondhand lee had accused dean of giving offense to everyone he worked with in france. Well there's no doubt that dean offended li but few others seem to be offended. Dean argued that his success spoke for itself. D noted that in seventeen seventy seven. He had shipped thirty thousand small arms a similar number of uniforms. Over two hundred and fifty pieces of brass artillery and numerous other supplies that were critical to the cause and which had been vital to opposing the burgoyne campaign. There were also on his letters of support from franklin and various french officials which team had delivered to congress. Lee had also made some minor accusations. Like that dean had opened and read all of these correspondents which teams simply denied. Lee accused of leaving him. Out of negotiations. To which dean responded. That lee was to quarrels and that they did not always trust him with confidential matters. Under negotiation the more significant charge was that congress had spent millions. But that almost everything said to america still had to be paid for the obvious. Implication was that dean had used that money for other purposes and that congress would still have to repay all of those loans. Dane could deny those.

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