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Which is keeping prices up and people dying okay we love like i knew nothing i love it the secretary of housing and urban development is some people said that they say about benicia he he touched the ground like he's not only grounded in this earth but he is still he's been the secretary of the housing developments since the beginning he has recently in a hearing where somebody who's explaining to him how his department works and he's like no that and i'm just i feel like i feel like he's somebody who gets lost in the mall you know have you lost him so bizarre such an odd man very sleepy and but he's been very this whole time and yet that's all i can say about sleepy ben carson that's all you need today secretary of transportation is elaine chao she was previously a secretary of labor under george w bush for eight years here's two thousand one two thousand nine in october twenty eighteen politico analysis found that chow found that she had a more than two hundred ninety hours of appointments which were labeled as private during work hours on working days for her first fourteen months which is a quivalent to like seven weeks of vacation they asked politico bless them and they're journalists asked other department of transportation officials but they thought about that and they were like that's all well look i also have private time on my day the it's when i when i wake up in the morning and i put on forensic files it's me yeah that lane elaine elaine but also another one of the members who was approved very yeah she's spend a little time yeah but in the senate shoes per approval ratings were highly shoes a huge majority approved tougher including democrats secretary of energy a bad boy rick perry like can't believe he's still he's still still here and god bless you still have found the right frame for his faith that we've got is the only thing he has done a secretary of energy is find the right frame for his face yet another he's still there then there from day one does make any sense not a fan but gray glasses glasses somebody else who's been there the whole time much to my dismay secretary of education betsy devo steve off that those you know are you hater that say he's the bond in the jackets she's determined to keep students in debt and people with disabilities even more disenfranchise it's great okay these the secretary of the veteran affairs we've had guys one two three four five so buckle in first it was robert schneider who is in acting secretary from twenty seventeen twenty seventeen to february johnny's i'm so sorry for one month living on unapproved one david schulkin joking shirts from february twenty seventeen to march twenty eighteen we got robert wilkie who acting from march twenty eighteen may twenty eighteen that we got peter or acting from may twenty eighteen july so sorry it's so two months like the first robert wilkie with every month and the beautiful workers over two months and then finally robert wilkie came back to us an way was approved on july thirtieth twenty eighteen and it's been there since yet which i love this guy who comes in for two months and i'm just like where do you know if you do nothing nothing it's so weird lots of private lots of pride yeah so it is a difficult one to get settled down that is by people that is straight up five people in comparison if people are curious to brock rock obama 'cause i haven't pulled up here there were three people the first gentleman lasted from january twentieth two thousand nine to two thousand fourteen.

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