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T. L. Minneapolis two seven eight he might get his job back I'm Lisa listen Arraf fox news his former superior called him not even stupid after he sounded the alarm about an outbreak of covert nineteen on an aircraft carrier now a former navy officer may get a second chance former U. S. navy captain who was removed from his command of the USS Theodore Roosevelt could soon be reinstated fox news has confirmed that the navy's top officials have recommended the captain Brad crozier should be reinstated and restored to command the aircraft carrier crozier was removed from command after sending a letter pleading for help to fight the corona virus on the Roosevelt defense secretary mark esper who was briefed on the recommendations has asked for more time to consider whether to sign off on cruisers reinstatement in Washington John decker fox news at this evening's coronavirus task force briefing vice president Mike pence with praise for all Americans or hearing to social distancing guideline one team one mission for us to save lives and because of of all the efforts that have been made at the state level the strong guidance that's come from the federal level because of the amazing health care workers across this country and our first responders but mostly I believe because of the cooperation of millions of Americans who put the guidelines into practice pence has also announced that he will make it up to the Mayo Clinic next week Kentucky's democratic governor has vetoed a measure that would have given the state's attorney general authority to regulate abortion clinics given the Republican Attorney General get Daniel Cameron the power to suspend abortions as an elective procedure during the virus outbreak it also would have required doctors to provide life sustaining care for an infant born alive after an abortion attempt failed America is listening to fox news reliable dependable there's two you got it your top local stories are on Twin Cities news talk dot com anyone new coronavirus deaths were reported in Minnesota today that brings the state's death toll from the disease up to two hundred and twenty one two hundred forty three new coronavirus cases were also reported today the total number of positive cases in the state is now three thousand one hundred and eighty five hospitals across the Twin Cities or for allowing employees that action is due to a state wide slowdown in patient procedures like the postponement of all elective non urgent surgery and suspension of dental and optical care and to Jenny O. Turkey stores in Willmar are closing because of an outbreak of covert nineteen fourteen employees have tested positive for the corona virus the company said it will clean and sanitize both stores and that employees will continue to get paid all employees are being encouraged to get tested and will undergo wellness screenings when they return to work I'm Julia Bertino have you still not refinance your mortgage will soon you might be kicking yourself.

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