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Disco bloodbath video. That was the best thing what we wanted. Ready to see for a long time and I would be very sad if I if Madonna was shot to death for real but it was. It was something really punk and weird and glamorous to to have her being shot to death and commenting on how sick and twisted we are as Americans that were fascinated with these mass shootings. And really. Don't don't do anything about them. You know we're watching that's the weirdest we're doing. Just go down. I will say that that I think is the weirdest thing that's happening. There's a lot of weird stuff. The weirdest thing is just being like man. Can you believe another fourteen year olds just killed twenty people anyway and like doing Absolutely nothing about it like every other country like something like that will happen and then they'll be like we're abandoning literally everything. No one has forks in and we're not even bump stocks can we can't people sometimes need a machine gun. Okay like here and there I in high school. We had a kid. You had problems. His parents were both artists and he can come in with elaborate plans. Drawings of machine gun. Why did you the person that a young person he was like how he was gonNA kill us? What was going to happen? All this kind of stuff we tell the teacher was this was before any of this kind before columbine changed everything it really did. Change everything for him. It was really it was about access. He didn't really have access rest to those kinds of a machine. Like everybody just randomly. Has it so weird like Amazon. Now can you really via a Kmart K.. Stands for kill and play hard for me to find lake. I shadow I like I. Just don't understand how all these kids are just like. Yeah I love I just have this kind of gun. And then this kind of gun. And I'm like what what is happening. And part of it is like observing this weird trend happening with marginalized marginalized celebrities who are in positions of power where they fall prey to this philosophy. What I call the the Church of toxic positively tables? I feel like I know what you're talking about but please let me read some of this stuff to you and this is kind of a meme on the Internet that I really love sharing talking about Turt- toxic positively is baby. You can do anything. I'll get over it. I hate that so much and instead let's talk about about validation. Hope and compassion right. This is hard. You've done hard things before and I believe in you is a very different way of approaching it Just be positive. That's store that's so I love. Okay yes I know what they say. There's a lot that can go wrong but what can grow right. There's yeah there's because there's also this this. I think that in our culture a lot of times I mean. It's always been this way but like like with instagram. And with all this stuff there's a lot of like faking faking Different emotions and and denying yourself and everyone else the ability to have like a real sadness or like a real address feelings. You don't address feelings and then everybody is like all the kids are suicidal. And everybody's shooting. It's just it's it's like we've we've basically re up to the fifties where everybody has to be like all buttoned up up in like a cute sweater with like tits to hear or whatever and then like and like going around and being like I've never I've never shed a tear honey. You know what I mean like that bullshit. Well there's there's this idea like don't worry be happy right said Bobby. mcferrin hated the way. He won't talk about that Song. Yeah but but maybe say it's never fun to feel like that. It's something I can do to help you enjoy life. It's also that thing of like you know anybody who's ever been having like a panic attack or like having like an actual like real like meltdown. You can't you can't just say calm I'm down and that has never calmed down invest. Never done anything made them more rates for for sure. So just being like just like you'll you'll uh-huh brushes off kid. Anybody can do anything when you feel like nobody like. You can't do anything right just a that's the same thing it's like. The calm calmed down of that. And as George tocchet would say Johnny McGovern rupaul. I would say all kind of share that toxic positively and told them like I've told it to their faces you know. They know that I feel about this about their approach to life and the reaction to me is like I don't know how else to survive. I don't know A to B and like Rupaul and recently in Vanity Fair the interview address. Once again this really strange. Trans Exclusionary radical feminist viewpoint. That transgender women don't belong on rupaul strikes That's really too bad. I really too bad dracula. Aw Camp WanNa Kiki other reality shows have benefited and and really grown and become really amazing shows to watch because they embrace people on all from all kinds of vantage points share expanding expanding were expanding. Anything is going to make it more varied and beautiful you know and I don't know that's that's dumb I I'd get position as Jonny McGovern said to me. I'm like Darth vader. You're like darth on this show. He said that that I'm that I'm secretly and I think that's a little bit of projection. Is that degree. Is this idea that I'm somehow this sinister person because I'm trying to get people to listen to each other and grow by dressing our feelings and for a lot the people who don't have access to a therapist or don't have a strong community or for whatever reason I would argue that Johnny does have access to therapy ban has a strong community but for whatever reason he's this is something he struggles with as a person I know we've struggled with. This is the ability to address difficult. Fickle painful feelings that are tied to your career as an entertainer which sometimes means walking away from it which means ending it. Listen to what Rupaul said on the Vanity Fair article. He said that I am helpless. There's nothing I can do to make people all happy when it comes to the issue of excluding Trans Women from our show. We'll make people happy and I'm like yes you could say we're these. These are new contestants and some of them are Trans Women. Some of them are cisgenders. Mar Heterosexual Men Dracula's. Doing it camp warnicke. Doing you can choose to. I feel like I mean interweave. He's right by saying that because because he's not gonNa say the one thing that will make everybody happy which would just be like. Oh yeah sure yeah I could. Yeah why wouldn't they included. You know what I mean but the thing is it's crazy. It's a drag race celebrity edition and you know it's it's not all going to be gendered. Straight man on that show or game or gay man is not Neil. Patrick Harris Harris Ariza's too busy to be Paul's projects but we put it that way but We certainly husband available. You know kind of uh-huh we call this the the judges on re Paul's drag race that have all the time in the world to hang out in the world of wonder studios for an entire day while they slowly felt because people don't realize that. Fill me those shows takes a lot of time and the extremely boring chair. And it's not like Whoo Whizbang. Let's get the next this contestant on the set the cameras then the person comes out they set the cameras again filming. Everything is boring. It's time consuming and you know when we're so used. I used to watching something at home and being entertaining than the the brutal reality is if you dream of being a star of being an entertainer and you're not aware of what the work involved. It's a lot it's A. It's a huge. It's like learning. There's no Santa Claus it's it's funny 'cause like I just feel like you know go to therapy Sobhraj but like I feel like that's like a huge thing is like self care you got to figure out how to like separate yourself completely from it but while you're on the way I think that a lot of people really successful people which is probably like why I mean are no make it because like I really really dig self care like Blake into account like I. I make sure to be that bullet. People don't separate it out and it's like constant you know what I mean. Constantly possibly work constantly work currently. I'm GonNa give you two choices. A or B Okay and they're like fortune cookies in my hand. I I just like blind link one and that will be the truth for you. Okay which is the B. B.? You're exactly where you need okay to be right now. I think that's true. I love like Arrow a was yeah. Let's say now is the time to take action and pursue your drains. I like both of those. I'm taking thank you so much. I'm taking both light every time. That approach is those two ideas are not mutually exclusive. Who can you've already been successful in other people's eyes you Ara star? You're an entertainer your celebrity. You're inviting to be seen but Just understand that no matter how much money and no matter how big your twitter followers gut. You're still going to be struggling totally. It's interesting 'cause like you watch all these these people you know a lot of people get under fire for a lot of stuff and just being that big and having everyone's eyes on you constantly it's gotTa be a fucking nightmare and then all of your weird personal issues because everybody's kind of working through whatever whatever it is. They're working through it like like Rupaul is obviously got some prejudice that that he can't let go of any has any like easier working through it or he's now working through like everybody knows about it. Now it's a pretty avid. You know what I mean. Everybody's just like working through all that well in a video interview that he did. He said the ones that he's not afraid of anything but the one thing that scares them the most is ignorant people who act like they know everything. Sure and I would say that's projection. Yeah Yeah I mean right because people are looking to him for answers like flag like answers eventually before the podcast. Eventually they will have a trans person on on the show and he will say I've always wanted one on the show but the world wasn't ready chest and that's just the way it fucking goes right like everybody. I feel like no one's perfect affect everybody sucks a little bit. And that's that's our work is like doing the thing that like makes us a little bit less but once you get like once. You're like hyped up to that level well as you haven't done as much work. Maybe you could see your the field that you want to suck last. I'm on the field. I want to suck more. You kidding of We're always open to comments on the website. The new deal shit out we can take it because it is to find out like I noticed that like when I contact me. Oh My Internet service provider rider or get customer service for a product. I bought we get an email saying how did we do. And I always thought about that. It's like does the corporation ration- that sends me the email asking me for feedback..

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