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If you know who that is the picture from the submarine picture from the Pirates. He's doing this submarine past 30 yards downfield, and it gets to his receiver. He's double covered. So you get catch it. But just to look at the incredible athletic ability of that, man. Yeah, I mean, looks like can't take anything away from Patrick my homes, and that was a pretty impressive play throwing it in that, you know, almost I sighed. However. He was running around. I didn't know what the guy was doing. I'm like, what are you doing? You're running 30 yards, but I mean, I understand you have no line in front of you, but he seemed to be just running for his life. For much of the game. He was running for his life. Remember? He was hurt. He heard it. Yeah, he's still running. Yeah. So no studios, right? I mean, if he's running 85% in the NFL that 15% is a difference between making a play and not because the difference in talent level of that at that Level of play. Is that you know, tiny. I just don't. I don't think there's any Debate whatsoever went no matter what you feel about the man he is the most impactful football player to ever play the game. In my opinion, hey, is without a doubt the best quarterback to ever play now. Wasn't around in the early days of football. I haven't seen all the quarterbacks to play this game forever, but in terms because there's a lot of guys we're winning. You know, NFL championships, which count just as much of the Super Bowl. Let's face it, they do. But you know Tom Brady when he comes into the Super Bowl era, you can't deny a man who's won seven Super Bowl rings. You can't deny it. That's Terry Bradshaw on line one. Let's have a word with you. Yeah, well, listen. Hey, So is Terry catches up with Tom Brady. Then then, then we'll find out Mary and valuable. What are you doing, Mary? Hi. How are you? Good. I just wanted to say I've been lived in sacramental forever. And I listened to you since you first came onto the program. We thank you very much. What? Most of the time they're listen most of the time. And I'm get ready to move to Kansas. We're moving the end of the month. Going back to where I can afford to live retire for the fifth time, but I just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed. Listening to you and I'm going to hopefully have the I heart. Uh, I love I love that and keep keep up, So but I just wanted before I left town. I want to just say how much I've enjoyed. All the time. You've been on the air Mary, That is so sweet of you can do on everybody. You know, You've got a great crew. Merry go National Soon sometimes. Thank you, Mary. Thank you so much for saying that. And I hope that you will call us, Mary when you get back to Kansas City and let us know how you're doing and remind me this because I'd love to hear from you see how your move went Mary and You are so sweet for listening to my show from the beginning. You are so sweet Mary,.

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