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Point nobody would put them right so we're gonna we're all keeping an eye on that in the tech space is going to be out it's going to be a hug how could you fix something more outrageous all right mark saltzman joins us usa today tech writer and i promise gary and shannon we'll be back next thursday thanks right there he goes we'll be back we'll if we have a request to a pundit that you might know from cnn rick wilson if he can join us we'll talk about scott pruitt's exit in some other stuff otherwise we have some strange science coming up is gary and shannon show brian civilian kfi am six forty more stimulating talk monica rix will the news plus homeless people in the valley say they fear this so cows upcoming heatwave could be a killer tomorrow's high could top one hundred ten degrees homeless people say they're trying to figure out plans to make it through the heat wave basically used survive because people are kind and and bring cold bottle bottles of water to try to stay in the shade or maybe ride the bus i'm basically going to try to find whatever coolness i can if it if it's at the park or lake balboa anywhere near water but some say they're worried what will happen to homeless people with medical problems the extreme heat is expected to last until next week in van nuys andrew mollenbeck kfi news the fourth of july is falling on a wednesday has extended the window for officials to worry about illegal fireworks pasadena fire spokeswoman lisa dare ian says those worries are compounded not now by the weather forecasts triple digit temperatures expected towards the end of the week very volatile combination of high temperatures fireworks dry vegetation temperatures are expected to hit record highs tomorrow and saturday news brought to you by dr almond pour some people who live in palos verdes estates say a civil war buff should stop flying a confederate flag in his backyard he starts in bars battle flag went up again this week to mark the anniversary of the battle of gettysburg joe ryan tells nbc four he's sharing history not hate other american flags that i also fly along with ted or so other flags flying on that flagpole for forty years illegal settlement last year california argued or agreed rather that it could not prohibit someone for flying a confederate flag on private property the agency regulating cannabis in la has announced when growers can start getting licenses the department of cannabis regulation has already licensed about one hundred fifty pot shops but the growers manufacturers have been waiting for the supply side process to begin now that date has been set for august i but even then suppliers we'll have to wait months for inspections and confirmation they meet the department's complicated regulations meanwhile pawnshops in l a have to go to suppliers out of the city for cannabis products and growers and suppliers say this puts them at a competitive disadvantage in la chris ancarlo kfi news traffic from your helpful socal honda traffic center there's a crash in irwindale on the two ten he spent three ten just beyond the six zero five freeway for the carpool and left lanes are taken away traffic.

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