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A tape washing today for the bears before Wednesday practice getting ready for Tom Brady and the New England Patriots and their arrival a Soldier Field on Sunday. Roy. Oh, quite Smith a rookie respects Brady. But a lot of them growing up. Were you definitely have a lot of respect for the guy all the things he's done throughout his career and whatnot. But as a fan I didn't get catch ton of his game. Besides like, the Super Bowls and stuff like that. Then in the south. So not a lot of New England games. TD young guys like real quantity Jackson calling it. Just another game. This is coming down from the top flush the Miami experience. Don't get too wide item about playing the greatest quarterback in NFL history, potentially and arguably bears and patriots noon Sunday nine AM, the pre-game. Josh Allen out this week in buffalo the rookie quarterback right elbow injury. Dr Freeman of Atlanta out for a while. He's been placed that I could return from groin and the NFL owners are meeting in New York, the agenda player safety, and the competition committee report about all the roughing the passer and illegal contact penalties. Practice opens this week for college basketball's, Loyola ramblers last year's NCWA. Final four Cinderella porter. Moser the profile and this report and WBZ. M's George often Moser has a plan and judging by last season, it's working, but the popular head coach believes Loyola has to think smartly and aggressively to continue being successful. We have to evolve we have to change with the times we have to reinvest. We cannot stay the same. At Loyola if we look at any great company any great team. They're Castelli thinking advancement. And that's what I want for loyal part of that plan. Includes a brand new basketball practice facility expected to be completed next summer, Georgia News Radio one zero five point nine FM, and you can hear Georgia's extended interview with coach Moser at WBZ, NewsRadio dot com. College football. Nick boasted drops out of Ohio State, the on American defensive end could be the number one pick in the draft. But he's out right now with the stomach muscle injury. And I'll CS Milwaukee dodgers with brewers up to one that'll be tonight and the AL CS later this afternoon Boston and Houston even at a game apiece with sports at fifteen and forty five of the home of the bears. Jeff Johnny act. Radio seven hundred and one zero five point nine FM. Whether it's our hearts, lawns or other organs were diagnosis tends to make us uneasy..

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