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Residents should immediately begin self isolating at home there's basically a whole book and read a recommendation I'm not sure is a law in Hoboken today we're issuing a new policy of self isolation within our mile square city policy yeah but you can't you can't enforce the sign up you know I'm in it listen okay how bad it gets I'm not gonna sit in my apartment doing nothing all day I'm gonna have to get on get some air move around and you do want to support local businesses anywhere you can buy these going to do take after you want to try to cut for example there a hundred new cases in New York just yesterday about that the problem is that testing you know they're saying that tons and tons of people walking around with this and don't know if they can't get tested I don't know how easy it is to get tested though well if there's enough testing but no you gotta go through your primary care and then you have to no we know somebody who you know would know names and they they will they get tested all that getting get tested so that's a problem yeah I mean if you called your in the end can your GP really tell you what to do now I mean they say you can't come here to get tested can come to my own now when you go urging Kerr to get test well you know newer shell has that the drive thru but someone was telling me that I would imagine as they scale it up is the phrase popular phrase that day as they're probably gonna have some centers all over New York where you just walk in and be tested well I don't know if you're walking without a doctor's note but doctor approval you have some symptoms you just you just can't go in but Ms if you show up the emergency room they sought to take you right that's what hospitals dot I would gas I can't just turn you away because you're not on the test I don't know if emergency rooms have these test kits that's the issue I am well coming up next let's switch over to politics is basically bye bye Bernie it looks like Biden is the man for anybody with your W. O. R. traffic problems in the five boroughs but in general that the later on the other hand we come in with on site right that's sexy to push along the right side of the roadway busy back from the belt and over on the southbound side of the G. again it's the grand concourse exit three at least one lane blocked with the crash there the George Washington bridge right now a minor delays same story at the Lincoln and Holland tunnels that alters the parking rules they've been suspended for at least a week or so but you do need to feed the meter is heading for the west bound side the ally east a little bit busy and Lakeville road because of earlier problems and on the westbound southern state heavy into Grand Avenue over on one in nine that brought out new that's still close both ways by Fairview Avenue with a crash investigation our next topic updates in fifteen minutes nothing to look at the W. O. R. weather channel forecasts producing some high cloud command fifty three this afternoon a little more cloud and sunshine from clouds tonight we get rain late forty four suburbs cooler.

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