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Before the Pru Tunnel now getting word of a crash in Dorchester and Gallivan Boulevard by Karu Street, so watch out for delays there. Ori granted WBC's traffic on the three Take A look at the four day WBZ Yankee Weather forecast. Here's meteorologist in DeVore. Alright, Jeffrey. We're looking at things drying out here pretty quickly. Sun's out already. We're got the last of the showers exiting the South coast in the cape here in the next hour so but The sun is really going to be nice today and temperatures Nice one more day is we'll see Highest temperatures kind of bouncing around loaded but sixties with gusty breeze. And then tonight, temperatures going to plummet as the wind picks up when advisor's going to effect at eight p.m. this evening goes through nine PM tomorrow Gus 40 mile per hour inland of 50 mile per hour. Gust of the Coast is those real fields drive into the steins even some single digit real fields inland tonight. Tomorrow's real fields in the twenties, Low thirties in the afternoon as we get up to 45 similar on Sunday, a chilly afternoon mid forties and then upper low 30 slow thirties for the high on Monday, it gets cold and we got some wintry mix potential inland and some rain, chilly rain of the coast on Tuesday, we'll keep an eye on that and more on WBZ Boston's NewsRadio. It's 59 emerging sunshine here in Boston. Good morning, 7 56 Friday morning, finally, and this week we lost a music lovers best friend yet Many of us hardly ever knew him. Lou Hotton's the inventor of the cassette tape died..

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