Amman, ROY, Senator John Thune discussed on Herman Cain


Reminded me a one of my favorite favorite favorite points to put it in perspective not that we wish bad on in amman but you never know what the time between this space given a next thanksgiving we'll bring a you've heard me say this many times with four life is just a minute only sixty seconds in it forced upon you can't refuse it didn't seek it didn't choose it but it's up to you to use it you must suffer if you lose it give an account if you abuse it just a tiny little minute but yeo eternity is in it i don't forget to thank god for being god now four some news worthy news three things scambos political bitterness and tax cuts the politicians like the called a tax reform i don't wanna let him off that easy scandals candidate roy more is under more and more pressure to withdraw from that ciller toward race in alabama some of it is coming from his own republican party members out of washington d c even though he has denied the allegations they are those that believe that best so many that there must be some fire there i don't know senator john thune of south dakota said he'd like to see president trump helped get run more out of the alabama senate race we are strength ultimately decisions up to the people of alabama but it strikes me at least that would be in their best interest in in the country's best interests and certainly the best interest of our agenda if the president will use his influence to try to get rowing more to step aside now is it out are running have there been any definitive confirmation not that i know of but a lot of accusations but yet a lot of them are ready to throw him under the bus now is an an ironic that when the revelations came out about representative john conyers nancy pelosi house minority leader was quick to say john kyw use should be she wouldn't say whether he should be an eye out.

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