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But look smart move by them to get some soundbites out there like what better way to get some press than to than to publicly go after the vendor pump rules cast because they'll they'll play ball with you like they'll go. But you know, you don't know the thing is you don't wanna mess with the vendor pumps past because exactly. But I'm saying just from the sake of getting your names out there. I get it. Yeah. Like, you're you're going to lose this still out there. This is good publicity for them. Right. Because people are like, okay. Well, now, we might have to check out Lindsey Lohan speech club because Vanderberg rules cast are fighting with them. Once you get more of the cast members involved. It's over right now. They're just right now. They're just trying to get is on that show. You know, like, they're just they're just trying to get is as about it. So it's like yeah there. That's a great way to get people to watch. Do it that way side note all the vendor pump rules girls were on watch. What happens live? I cannot be more involved in vendor pump now as someone who was really. And tell them beyond involves. Jackson Britney apparently are not getting a pre-nup. Andy Cohen aspirin e and Britney was like, oh, we talked about it. I I don't think. So probably not the smartest idea. Probably not even Tom and Katie signed a pre NUP. Yeah. I don't think it's the smartest idea for Jackson Britney to not sign a prenup. But I also don't know how much money both of them have totally fair. I just think like for safety purposes, what's the harm? You know, you don't love each other. It's just like to protect yourself from the future. If something were to go very poorly, which I just think would be smart for them to think about yes. But, you know, looking back at the past clearly they're very happy where they are right now, which which I'm very happy for them. It's just a little I just I don't care if you have one dollar in your Bank account, both of you like, I just think it's it's fair. That's when Tom and Katie sign their pre-nup, and the lawyer was like, okay, how much money do you guys have? And they were just like not not like they forget what what numbers they were throwing out. But the lawyer was like, okay. Like great congratulate. You don't really seem like there's not really a lot of massive here. That's gonna need to be divided. But just you never know what the future could hold a what you could become look it a basis they didn't really have anything. Then he's got a hundred billion million trillion dollar for that. And she's going to get half which is making for her. Yeah. What about Jackson britney's, she's company? What if that blows up, then they got a divorce the money who's getting the beer cheese money. I would hope Britney does thinking would be Brittany. But without a NUP. Dykes?.

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