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So Stephen, would I'm plane with this month I have been looking into the richest ortmann habit APPs on my iphone. Sussman a little side project I've been working on over the last week. What are some apples like? What's the? What's the habit at yet? Well, I mean I I've been doing that with paper and pen for a couple of years where every month make like a sheet and I have little checks up on it. But I'm I am realizing some of I like using the paper and pen for stuff but I think there's some things I was getting a little too precious about. digital gives me better data in tapping on my phone is just as easy as writing a check in paper except my phone is in my pocket twenty, four seven and can send me reminders. So I realized I I want to do this on there and like just in general in my life like I have like different goals and things i WanNa do and. The Way I complex some of that is through projects like I WANNA be a great at beam experts and I'm making field guides and those are projects but there are other things I wanna do that are more habit based but I still want to consistently do them like you know spend quality time with each of my daughters and things like that, and they don't really lend themselves to an Auntie focus project. So I decided I'm just going to start tracking these habits. And so I downloaded a bunch of them the one that a bunch of friends told me I need to use a streaks. And that's okay. the design is very opinionated and it just didn't really jive with me and it's also I think a limited twelve habits and the way I use. This is actually there's a Lotta stuff in here you know. I take medication twice a day I want to do that I. Know There's you know there's just a lot of things I want to track with this. Because, I'm treating it as part of my overall system. So I wanted something that could track more but also have a nice design and after looking at a bunch of them, the one I ended up with is an APP called productive. Which I know that name come on but either way that's what it's called but it's a very pretty up and it allows you to make multiple habit tracking items and you can be it's got good artwork so. If you feed the dog as a habit like innocence because I forget sometimes after the dog and then she starts biting me and I'm like, Oh, I haven't fed you but the but you have a little dog icon for that or meditation you've got a little meditation icon. So have it look nice the way you want you can have a habit where you run it once a day you can have it where you run it twice a day like in the morning and the afternoon or like there's a certain family member want to check in with every two weeks but I want that to be a habit so I, can have it say you. Know I only need to do this once every two weeks and it can structure it that way. So I can set the timing however I want, but it's still being tracked, and it's still give me one place to go to get a reminder that I still want to do that, and then for instance, with family member once I checked the box that I did I don't see it again for another two weeks and it doesn't Nag. You as much as the do APP does, but I don't really want to be nagged I just want good place that I can check in on a daily basis and make sure I'm keeping up with my habits and. After looking at them productive was the one that was the winner for me and I'm been using that one under fire now for a week, and I'm really happy with it. Yeah I agree with you about streaks Ui. It's a bit much for me. I mean it looks good but it's A. Bit Much and having something that is more flexible than that I think is great. This looks really Nice I. think that the design is nice I've just downloaded it. I've thought about this before for me I, do some daily tracking in my paper notebooks but maybe it would be nice to have some of that stuff on my iphone because again it's everywhere So does productive does it have a watch os APP yet does and I have to admit I've never installed it because I just use it on the phone okay. Is that I see that being cool right you feed the dog in the need tap tap it often your Apple Watch your set I'm going to go ahead and put on my my watch right now I'll report back but the really the thing that kind of clicked for me on this was there I'm trained to always. You know get to my best self right and there are certain things I wanna do but certain areas of my life that problem is solved by projects. As I was saying earlier like Max Sparky, there's a series of projects I'm doing to get to be the best Max bark yet can be to be the best husband I can be. There aren't a lot of projects I mean there are certain sometimes things come up you need to make a little project to do something to help my wife. But really where I win that battle is in the day to day habits. and. I just realized I need a separate place to track and do that stuff and take it more seriously and I don't know this this APP it's in my doc so that you know well, that's something. It's cool although there's no badges because I'm not crazy. You don't don't do that. This would be an option in there to track how many times you open it to clear the badges. That's no fun. It's real metaphor. What about you anything playing with man? I can't believe I'm doing this I. Don't know what you've done to me in the course of almost two years of doing this show. I'm excited. Tell me tell me. So I've spoken about in the past about having. Used head space as a meditation and mindfulness application because I unlike you David, I'm just the beginning of this journey trying to figure this out. It's been very helpful over the course of about nine months. But what I've what I've really found with with head space is that very often a don't want or need the coaching that is sort of the at the heart of a lot of the head space stuff. They have tracks in there that that don't include it. But a lot of it is around leading you through an exercise and that's great and I found it very helpful. But I'm finding that I want another tool when I just have. Three or four minutes and I just want to take that time to breathe before conference call before show..

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