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Richard their room the work for chris the kids in the room probably would have been down as well cbs is omar villafranca timeline police reportedly confronted the gunman just four minutes after the first shots were fired and that started a twenty five minute gunbattle a school resource officer was shot for the suspect finally gave up the state observed a moment of silence for the victims today the us supreme court says employers can stop workers from joining together to dispute pay or other workplace conditions the ruling means businesses can force workers into arbitration on hawaii's big island mark strassmann says the activity of the killer way of all kino's creating a major health hazard as lava hits the seawater the resulting steam cloud is called lays a mix of love and hayes with hydrochloric acid which is toxic and burns on contact officials warn the cloud could extend fifteen mile in orangeburg south carolina cbs's meg oliver tells us to escape murder suspects are still on the loose after a weekend jailbreak investigators this escape was planned and that at least one officer inside here was assaulted the three inmates escaped from the orangeburg county detention centers saturday night the sheriff's department is not ruling out the possibility they had helped one of the man who escaped was caught the coal mine kingpin don blankenship says he's going to run for the west virginia senate seats on a third party ticket splint can ship who spent a year in prison after a fatal mine blast says he has the support of the constitution party he lost the gop primary earlier this month dow's.

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