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It's going to be the quarterbacks. Right. Well, that's not great for the Patriots. Right. That doesn't help the Patriots. So the consensus board right now has Kenny Pickett in the top 20, which maybe they also have Matt corral in the top 20, which absolutely not. Or somebody should be fired. Well, man, Jordan Davis and Andrew boo junior either one of those guys so far I grade on a scale of zero to 8 ounce 7 all pro potential. I got two 7 so far right now and it's Andrew junior and Jordan Davis. So given anybody in 8, I've never given anybody in 8. I think the highest grade I ever gave anybody, I'm trying to think who it was, I have to go back and check. I'll have that answer for you next time. Wait, you do zero to 8 or two to 8. I mean, I never actually give it to anybody at zero. So I guess it's more like four and a half to 8 because that's four to four and a half for me is like fringe roster player camp invite. So it's just funny because the baseball universal baseball scouting scale is 20 to 80. And nobody nobody ever gets below a 40, but it's I get a 20, right? But it's 20 to 80. Yeah, anyway. All right. Well, any other questions you guys have. We've covered these one more. I wanted to get to. What is it? Matt arrays of 5th round babe. Look at the trade for that pick. But batteries, here's the stat. Here's this bigger ever been traded talking about Jake Bailey. As a punter ever been traded. No, which is what we talked about last time with Ryan Allen. But here's the interesting stat to know. Do you know the last time a punter played for the Patriots under a second contract? A second consecutive contract are like where this is going. Rich camera rich camera or Camarillo in the mid 80s. So this predates Bill significantly. The Patriots have not the only punter to play under two contracts was Ken Walter and it was two separate stints. They got rid of them some of her, they brought him back. Ryan Allen got a second contract here. They drafted Jake Bailey, but then they drafted Bailey didn't make the team. Right. Bailey's got its essentially no dead money in his deal. It's less than a $100,000. He's in the last year of his deal. It's under a $100,000 in dead money. He'd have a great year last year, and they never,.

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