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OO three and right now that means traffic and weather together Kevin's here with the very latest information with the server retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes good morning good morning there Laurie Allen off to a tough start here out on the mass pike westbound you got about a mile back up here on a cruise taken a lane after that Westboro service plaza pike eastbound watch out for right lane crews here at route nine that's exit twelve in the Framingham stretch and one twenty eight north bound we got left lane workers set up here from route sixteen in Newton on up towards route twenty in Waltham up in Danvers one twenty eight north and south bound reduce speeds through the right lane closures here in Endicott street in Danvers and up in Londonderry New Hampshire ninety three south bound locked up here getting into cruise near exit five coming at it through that Londonderry stretch on ninety three south bound over in Lynn Lynn way south bound traffic detoured off here at Market Street for construction it's a quick back on here at rob Broad Street and in South Boston Harrison Avenue shut down both ways again today for water main work between east Berkeley street and Randolph street south account for ninety five south bound watch out for crews taken Elaine after exit for that's route one oh five in that middle burl stretch and are essential workers taking the bus is out there seeing up to twenty minute delays on bus routes number thirty two and forty four Kevin Burton WBZ's traffic on the threes Cambridge savings bank strengthening communities by supporting local nonprofits and financial education programs well we've had a pretty interesting weather day so far did you get snow this morning yeah we had some snow flurries almost a snow squall affect for a little bit and we could see more.

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