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Level T. J. jelly longtime Atlanta DJ one of the best to have ever done it especially out of the eighty I'm trying to feel his guy house guy looks so young digital here by twenty five but he's been a game release at least twenty up near the land that I can remember shouts out digital all right come in about ten minutes after the hour of one here on sports radio ninety to ninety I did have a chance to talk about it but V. ceremony for both really fall nine victims but specifically Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gigi what a service there was a memorial service to us it got me thinking if you were to take all of the guys in the National Basketball Association all the guys who are like out of the four four front guys were prominent and they call themselves the NBA family right so if we were to break down the NBA family who would who be like you know what I'm saying like for example one of the speakers that spoke the headline of the night if you want to call it that line in the morning wishy kilo Neil is talking about a story about Kobe Bryant how Shaq was asked to go confront coal without shooting the ball all the time maybe passing the ball every once in awhile in how she explains that there's no I in team the Cisco we wanna say now there's an enemy in that **** who it should kill o'neill B. I guess you look at the NBA family today four oh four seven four one zero nine two nine which she would sack B. we shed be a Big Brother would he be grandpa would he be Shaq Daddy which used to be called forecheck remind you more of an does he remind you more of an uncle type like maybe uncle Shaq four oh four seven four one zero nine two nine she's not real quick which one which one would shack PD would be a Big Brother the granddaddy shack let me check Daddy it would be a local chef probably a cassette while to set outspoken the by the stories yeah well well we got a cool uncle okay I so I got another one for you so Shaq consider the uncle legacy L. who were the who with Dwayne Wade be who would do Wayne Wade P. the newly retired delay yeah my wife kind of pointed this out my wife says to me she says twenty notice was kind of a shift what's going on even with Colby's passing it's like you can kind of see who's really like taking over the mantle as it relates to the sport the game of basketball so what title would you give doing Wade also what title would you give Michael Jordan who would Michael Jordan be but Michael Jordan bees that Daddy Jordan who would who would Michael Jordan who would Michael Jordan be Levi's with any step Daddy you call it wow you while you cut that world and talking **** about the disease well what would you consider Michael Jordan stepdad enjoyed while you call why would you think that because you're always in competition with them but you still love of my life hello step Daddy Michael Jordan all right okay who would do a way to be if you value doing great on this wonderful of our listeners agree four oh four seven four one zero nine two nine D. Wade will be big bro the okay away Grampa weighed because in ways similar to cousin D. will be like a cousin all right so D. way will because I see where this is going all right okay I need another big name a C. B. S. sack the Michael Jordan we got D. Wade who yeah who who would be there who would be that bad bad little brother that bad no one lights like you know what I'm saying the one that says the like if you watch the movie show me the money that's the name of the movie no not showing money the movie with Tom Cruise the sports movie you guys know what I'm talking about anyway the sports movie you know the one brother it was played by a Gooden I forget which good and it was played by but the brother that always has something negative to say nothing positive to say always like you know just just killing the whole mood Iran is there who is that guy in today's NBA would that be Chris Paul will that be criminal who is Chris Paul out of who what would.

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T. J. Jelly, Atlanta discussed on WAOK Programming

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