Oprah Winfrey, Lifetime Achievement Award, President Trump discussed on The Hammer and Nigel Show


Viewers at that it was these people who forgot who enable and and basically provided cover to a predator yeah we for your and that hypocrites his several predators yet i you know it's not just weinstein it's it's roman polanski its woody allen it's you know th dirt this has been happening for aeons y'all responsible for a guy you know and now they're like look at all of our bravery and courage and wearing black dress in and were protecting notches this industry will were helping y'all to you little people out there peasants shut up i know it's i just can't deal with their condescend it's the worst i can't deal than that and that's what made it so hard to watch i know we have to watch it because we do what we do but i i wanted so badly to watch alaskan haven't builders now as if oprah winfrey got that lifetime achievement award and and that was the big the big big moment and now of course it twitter has exploded into demands for her to run for president we've got a few lips of her speech here we go question yeah yeah you're you're women we are thank you thank you for your gender spurs yes you can do that on the show what what is the charm or the appeal of the oprah the of you know i don't i've never really gotten it i don't know i think it's just he's are always been very warm you know she's a very charismatic lazett bokan maman she's worth about ten billion dollars issues was his he was a pioneer in like the talk show thing but atlas i don't get it i don't get the how people to see her as a deity though i it's yeah it's ridiculous the level to which.

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