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Okay. So, you know, I do TV right? I'm on the jump a ton. I'm always very thankful. Rachel nichols. Who allows me to be on that show as both an analyst and filling in as a host for her. But basically the host of that show is also like much like a radio show. You're also kind of an analyst. So I have said on that show that del Dem's is not fit for that job. Like he is not a good general manager. And I am stunned that he still has a job. And I am not Mike. You've known me now for a long time way before I started working here. I am not the guy who yells for people to be fired. I am not that guy. Okay. So when I actually do it is because man like that person has gone at it for a long time where they have been incompetent Jeff Fisher, for example. Right. So. I met him. And he could not have been nicer to me. And I almost feel like is he doing that? Because he knows I said the thing on television or is he doing that? Because he's nice, and it's probably a combination of both. But man, like it's just like this is the type of stuff as to why David Stern said you weren't fit for that job during the Chris Paul trade. He basic remember that he he David Stearns, Adele Dem's was not competent enough to make all of that work. If they traded Chris Paul and hence why he nixed. The Lakers the with Chris Paul? So this is not the first time Laker fans have had to deal with Dell Dem's and the incompetence of the New Orleans franchise. It is absolutely insane. I can't believe they are still dealing with the stuff. And I can't believe that Dell has been putting a position again to potentially screw up the whole Lakers. Could god. So have you missed? Whoa, jr. Here's what he said. The warlords has no interest in Akwa Anthony Davis to the Lakers right now. All right, then. Good lord. The good news. Is it looks like kyri as we heard from rebuke wants to potentially rejoined LeBron. Byron Scott's gonna be in the house in a minute. We will talk to a Byron who coached kyri. He knows kyri. See what he thinks about that? And Sam shields of the Rams Super Bowl champion Sam shields. He's the guy with actual experience on this thing will join us after that as the Rams get ready to take on the patriots in the Super Bowl. So we'll talk to Byron about Kyrie. And then Sam shields of the.

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