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It might take you eighteen years it might take you throwing a shoe and a talented segal out a window into a conference but you can do it yes we can next marc jacobs fashion designer of jacob's by marc jacobs for marc by marc jacobs proposed to his longtime boyfriend at a new york city chipo lay with the help of a flash mob and now the supreme court is like gay marriage is not legal anymore so thanks a lot mark you ruined it for all of us i can't imagine a worse a worse place to have a flash mob proposal than a aaa also like a gay couple getting engaged in a chipotle as a horrible idea burritos are gay kryptonite okay okay how fun celebrating your engagement with a hopeful a sour cream and beef am i right is that how you eat a burrito like i dunno at least pick somewhere classically like an outback steakhouse right somewhere with appetizers and dessert menu were they don't ask you every fucking time if guac is extra no guac zach stra i will give aaa props because one year they gave me a card the spat with suspiciously made for me suspiciously made for me and i got a free burrito every day for a year if i use the card which i only did twice because when you present the card to the aaa employees they scan it it goes from like eight dollars to zero and then it prints out a receipt that says you're in the presence of a celebrity.

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