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Hey I told you this would happen on Friday just happened a little sooner than I thought to the U. N. global food supply panel warns of pending food shortages action is measures by national governments during the corona virus could provokes food shortages around the world now we probably will not have a real problem with this but you are going to see some items in America disappear the worst that can happen is government restrict the flow of food all measures against free trade will be counterproductive now is not the time to place restrictions or putting in place trade barriers now the time is to protect the flow of food around the world now the the issue is is that people are afraid that they're not going to get shipments of food so there should there holding on to their shipments some countries have just put trade barriers up and said sorry Russia did this we're not shipping any of our wheat out to Europe it's set for tetra may I suggest is that we are going to have shortages for different reasons I think we're gonna have a hard time with our planting and we may have a hard time with the with the early seasons of picking and and and harvesting that crop I mean think about many farmers that may get this here in the next couple three weeks and then be down we are in the beginning of the planting and growing season this is already happening in France they're asking the unemployed to go and actually work in the fields and it is going to be as severe in some countries I don't think it will be severe here but I think we're gonna see short of shelves of raw produce and shortages of some things coming not just this summer but also next year I would highly recommend you put in a garden consider one of the projects that you're doing while you're at home if you have the room is to start building and planting a garden and getting seeds I would get seeds now before there is a run on seeds you will see it that those things will disappear quickly now there's a new report out shows the estimates the U. S. economic impact at a trillion dollars of GDP per month per month one trillion dollars they say will exceed that of those of the economic losses in just the private sector did not calculate the impact of government funded bailouts or spending and future economic losses due to a higher debt payments of the estimated losses in the oil and gas sector sector exceed fifty percent for twenty twenty it you know do you know how much oil is a stew any idea what oil is like twenty Bucks a barrel now yeah I know it dipped below twenty at one point which I mean I saw a a gas station I think was in Oklahoma so selling gas for ninety nine cents a gallon I never thought I would see that again I never thought I would see that again yeah the mmhm but twenty Bucks by the way twenty Bucks they're thinking that because we don't have enough room for oil now all of like our reserves we bought up all the soil and we're filling our reserves that they think that if Saudi Arabia and Russia don't stop this soon there's gonna be such a glut glut of oil they may actually have to start hating people to store it so the price of a barrel of oil will be below zero because they're not stopping production and they just keep pumping it out and there's no place to store it everybody everybody storages but there it's all full that's crazy as wild and that's I know a lot of investors money loan to oil to Wishard they're all getting killed on this including a lot of big banks and such a E. M. so there's something else that we remember we said it was on Friday we played that FTI see thing and I said that did make me feel better we do we have that still serenaded the ICICI your money in the bank everything's gonna be fine don't worry about it look look I know him personally except that but if this is on the up and up and just between you and me your money totally safe banks made totally keep it in banks I was just telling Boris in the push of the other day banks banks are safest place thanks what could happen here we're totally fine you keep your money there no use to you give it to us and.

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