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California lags far behind most of the U. S. In vaccinations. They've now turned iconic Dodger Stadium into a mass vaccination site if he sees a rain Shah, former record producer Phil Specter, convicted of murder, died in a California prison of covert related complications this weekend. It was 81 You're listening to ABC News KO, a news radio time. 12 02. Denver's annual culling of Canada geese is set to begin soon, and animal rights groups are responding with billboards calling attention to it. Carol Woodall with Canada Geese protection. Colorado says the group understands concerns about too many geese in the area. He recognized that people have a lot of different feelings around this issue and concern in terms of wanting to have manicured parks and being able to use the park's 2021 is the last of the three year plan to call geese that city officials say make some Denver Parks and lakes unsanitary granted Larimer County's air getting help from Washington as they work to recover from a summer of terrible wildfires. Grand Lake Fire chief Seth Saint Germain says the East troublesome fire was epic. The best way that I could put this as far as an analogy goes is Five years worth of fire. In one night. Saint Germain says the drain on resource is was unprecedented. Those lines nozzles use a lot of what we call class a foam. The disaster declaration allows for tens of millions of dollars to flow two grand and Larimer County's work will include debris, cleanup and repairs to the water systems. Money for private property damage has not yet been allocated. Inglewood Police are investigating after a device resembling a pipe bomb was found in the football field in Inglewood Alternative high school. It happened yesterday afternoon. Officers secure the area and called the Arapaho County Bomb squad which took possession of the device. The area was cleared and police are now trying to figure out who left the device in the field. And a nice Sunday afternoon with the possible shot of snow in the high country for the Northern Mountains. That's where we can see some that snowfall arriving late tonight overnight. Then into Monday, Fox 30 one's Carly Cassidy. Next updated, 12 30, David Ko, Ko Way news Radio 8:50 A.m. and 94 1 FM from the vet Fred Sports Traffic Center. We still have that three vehicle crash. Southdown Parker Road under Eye to 25. A couple lanes are blocked and one of those vehicles was stolen Vehicle. We have a victim.

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