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Bel Air obsession, we stop on it every time. Yeah. Of course, every time that it's on TV like, you you just have to you know, that's one my favorite. So you gotta stop everytime. Then I don't know if you know this but Tobias his former team Stanley Johnson Will Smith is the greatest actor of all time. If you had those conversations with them. I have not. But he I would say all time. But he's he's up there. I'm a Big Joe Washington fan. But you know, for sure Will Smith is definitely up there for me on my list. What's your favorite fresh prison? You know, I'll see one of my favorite ones is like the last up. So where oh, actually no not that I something. So it's a warm where the motion scene will and uncle fail where he's hugging on tough loss father. Yeah, that's my favorite one. 'cause that was like that was real, you know, even background of the scene, and we'll talk about it later on. I I was like that. Really? Did you cry Tobias Tobias Harris cry did you cry while watching that team? No, I didn't cry. I didn't cry. Stan go ahead. Hey tobias. You know, I've been telling Dan before you're one of the best read people in the NBA always had a good book. My wife just showed me something from your social media thing. The other day, you had a stack of books there that you were recommended the people what are you reading right now? Right now, I'm getting a book called the power of habit. And but that that's about is just pretty much have is that we make on a daily basis how triggered to make those habits. And and you know, like you said, I'm a big reader. I read a lot of different books start the season and even in the off season. But part of the reason why I'm a big reader. I've always China learning educate myself, even more on a daily basis of just things that I may not have learned about in school and things that are, you know, training in this world now too. So just being as blunt of cannon get involved different things to help better me as a person so not. So that of the best way to get that is reading books and knowledge is power. And I truly believe in that. And it's been books have been huge for me. So I always bring a book into the Rena a lot of people have been seeing that lady and being inspired by that. So I think that's awesome. That people are now going to go out pick up some books, and I was happy to share that list with with a lot of people social media that that really responded well to that. So it was cool. Blake Griffin saw. Steve bommer when he ran away from his extended hand the other day, right? I don't know. Probably I guess. Shocking. Comments from Tobias Harris put it on the ESPN scroll right now Tobias Harris rips Blake Griffin for snubbing a billionaire owner. Steve Balmer, quote, probably I guess probably. I guess thank you Tobias. We got the only thing we need from you and soften you up with books. Tobias. Thank you for being with us. We appreciate it. Guys, donlevatar good work today that was a fun show. Stugatz. It was also intergalactic -ly stupid VC's live at our show with this two guys on ESPN radio. We're going to update the polls in a second. No, Stu gods today. He's vacationing he will be back next week, STAN Van Gundy and amino Hassen in with us at lebatardshow, Instagram and Twitter. But before we do that that story at Michigan state as if Michigan state hasn't botched enough things enough ways the idea that their president is resigning. Didn't they ought Michigan state already fired its previous president, right? So they fired the that the flames on that sexual assault. Story involving the the gymnastics physician that has ended up in you know, him now in jail for the rest of his life. Stan when you hear those comments by the new Michigan state president who is now out he's resigned and the the resignation has been accepted your thoughts. Go where well, he's a former governor of the state and the students protested win they hired him and the tone-deaf board of trustees at Michigan state went ahead with it anyway. And then he proved even more tone-deaf than the board..

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