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You probably hit that little abundance skip through them so that you can get to the point of the episode and trust me friend i get it that's why i am doing something a little outlandish and i am dropping all of our sponsors for the golddigger podcast call me radical call me crazy but i set out to make a show that was filled with free education that our industries were lacking and i am jumping back into alignment without vision so this show is brought to you by our totally free guide which is five easy ways to grow your email list you can grab it for free at www dutch jk email list dot com that's right a guy that's going to get you started help you understand why email lists matter and teach you to know exactly what to send my biggest business regret is not starting in email is sooner so this episode is dedicated to not letting you make the same mistake head to www dot jk email lists dot com and get growing that list of yours today now what do you say let's happen today show here we go hey gold diggers it is in a good jer and you guys i'm having the bus day today because i get to hang out with amy porterfield okay she's going to totally giggo when i talk about hers there's just don't listen to our laughing in the background because amy was the woman that made me start listening to podcasts and i don't even remember how a symbol of upon her.

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