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Certainly didn't get much sleep last night yeah things don't seem so bad in the daytime after all why should I be scared of Willis let him come I can take care of myself welcome right in the eye and say what's the idea sneaking up on me like that you'll or Stocker and I'm wearing my surgical sneakers today you're pretty nervous these days what we offer to walk down the street never no one sudden death or dry dock please figure three chair matter of fact you don't have to be afraid to wish you can be ready if you just take my advice what's that just answer this ad hair I cut it out of a magazine last night let me see men and women learned ju jitsu or by mail oh my goodness comes in very handy hair care learn to disarm burglars surprised bullied with your strong protect yourself against Matt Hughes did the movie mashers the court date cake we care that's wonderful I can study in the ambulance coming home thank you very much when you're in government you can always count on docking for more trouble yes Sir he got me on the clock when you need in your loft on the desert without water underwriting to the rescue on a camel Rudolph Valentino I I see you on the desert Rudy where surgical sneakers so I don't know you and you'll be sorry yeah.

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